Vicolocorto & Perepepé: la storia di un’avventura

Vicolocorto EVS volunteer Juilija feedback

La prima storia racconta l’avventura di Vicolocorto e Perepepé. Un’avventura lunga un mese, in cui Julija, Kamila, Tiemei e Trang hanno collaborato attivamente alla preparazione, svolgimento e chiusura dell’edizione 2013 del “Festival Perepepé: detto brutalmente, la Felicità”.

The first story is about the adventure shared by Vicolocorto and Perepepé. One month-long adventure, during which Julija, Kamila, Tiemei and Trang actively contributed to the setting, development and closing of the 2013 edition of “Festival Perepepé: detto brutalmente, la Felicità”.

As said by Kamila:

Perepepé, one of few places in Pesaro where I felt like home in certain moment. Mainly because of great energy inside and people who were inside or outside smoking cigarettes, always somewhere wandering with smile or tiredness because of great job they were doing, for instace the good ghost of Pescheria – Giacomo 🙂
Finally – events… always something going on, not always clear for me because of poor level of Italian, but music and emotions are understandable without knowledge of language so that was my base. Emotions and great beer… This whole mix of energy of a place, people and art gave me a lot of fun. Fruity, tasty, colourful FUN. Like fresh juice you just squeezed from 1 kg the most delightful cherries you found on market.


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