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Chasing golden middle

The perfect relations is always balanced. We have days for work, small talks and nights for pleasure of sleeping. However, when you are on a Youth in Action project it’s not so easy to find philosophical aurea mediocritas … between work and fun.
We are all young, if not by the age, for sure with a spirit.

Intercultural evening is a great opportunity to have both: knowledge and a bit of craziness. First you can train your rhetorical skills while presenting your own country. Some of us were strongly promoting, some of us were mixing sarcasm with tasty sense of humour. Late night caught us with delicious food from each of 8 countries and drinks which can mix your thoughts and make you able to speak even in Hungarian. At the end it was intimate fun.

Vicolocorto International Seminar 2013

After fruitful night comes morning, ringing like a church bell into your ears with no mercy. This is the moment to train balance – time for work, time for INCLUSION topic.
EVS angels had their moment. Trang from Vietnam was analyzing the theme of youth work as a way to include young people in society. On the other hand, Tiemei from China was presenting her thoughts about Youthpass certificate, which is a tool for self-reflection and confirmation of the skills that we are all improving during Youth in Action projects. Finally Julija from Lithuania prepared some ideas and strategies in presentation “Inclusion for all”.

But how it’s possible to think about inclusion without considering who we are going to include? That’s why wisely we were analyzing who is the person with fewer opportunities. Distinguished few reasons to be out of society: cultural, health problems, geographical, economic, disabilities; we discussed in groups different obstacles and ways to solve them.

As Agnieszka (Poland) says: A person with fewer opportunities can be perceived in many different ways. For me, sometimes a person classified as a fewer opportunities individual can in fact have more opportunities because their situation is recognized and so there are projects written for them, coaching, trainings etc. while for example someone with emotional and self-esteem problems who doesn’t fit into one of the fewer opportunities categories may not be able as well to overcome his/her barriers and learn about the opportunities he/she might benefit from. On the other hand, being on the project with people with fewer opportunities (in the sense the society sees it) is such a great input for me. I see their motivation, their struggle for better life and finally their problems that they have to deal with. Many things make sense then.

Vicolocorto International Seminar 2013

Of course efficient work can’t take forever. In life you need adventures, otherwise inclusion process is not proceeding, your body gets floppy and eyes start to wander around. In this certain minute you have to stand up, put your jacket on and explore Pesaro.

What we were doing?

Looking for inclusion points in a town.

Chasing Rossini shadow, which it happens is everywhere here.

Picking the most handsome man and woman in Pesaro and that gave us really a lot of fun and giggling.

Finally trying Italian treasures like spritz, grappa and Fernando. The last one brought us for a long walk by the autumn seaside of Pesaro.

Vicolocorto International Seminar 2013


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