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It is not disco, it’s youth work

Honey, we need to talk. That’s the most ominous moment in every relationship. It forces you to be focused, motivated and the worst… ready to speak about the problems. However, sometimes we need to be serious. It might be difficult, because having fun is so energetic, bed in the morning is so warm, dreams are so colourful and maybe balance thing wasn’t really balanced and sleeping is that what you need.

Vicolocorto International Seminar 2013

But we are implacable – wake up and do something for inclusion!

Meet the people
Starting with movie: “Faces of the youth work”, we wanted to show how diverse and advanced is the environment of youth workers in Pesaro. The film was made by alternative, volunteering, Polish – Italian production tandem. The way of editing and producing material is totally innovative and very in the style of cinema d’autore. The stories of interviewed youth workers from Pesaro are serious, funny, always with positive spirit but sometimes sad. Why? Answering the question of the one of the participants – because it’s not disco, it’ youth work, with all pros and cons. Movie will be uploaded soon for further audience.

Stay together
Second serious talk we had, of course small talking also, was the Reunion – the Pesarese NGO Market. With smaller or bigger shyness we were presenting our organizations but also something strange happened. Happily strange. To our Youth in Action basement came also representatives of many organizations from Pesaro, which work with youth, kids, immigrants, unemployed or people with disabilities. That the proud example of cooperation between NGO and institutions. It’s rare and cool.

Vicolocorto International Seminar 2013

Share and inspire!
When you managed to meet another person and invite him or her to sit next to you, be together for a moment and talk, that’s good. But when people start to share with each other their thoughts, experience and secrets – this is success. Of course we weren’t talking about dreams from childhood or favourite intimate position, but it has also influenced the group.
In relationship you call this moment “Let’s talk about this. Share your feelings with me.” During the seminar it is called “contributions” and you share experience of your work. In relationship it doesn’t have to be voluntary, during the project it is. Our participants were talking about their projects with homeless people (Gergely from Hungary), disabled people (Inga from Austria, Dorota from Poland, Pavel from Estonia), children with difficulties (Linda from Hungary), youngsters and sport: difference between sport participation and sport inclusion (Alessandra and Daniele from Italy).

Vicolocorto International Seminar 2013

After the whole day of hard work and serious talks, there is no way to survive without “Sardo” – the place where you can charge your batteries. But some of people still, even holding in hand Spritz, were speaking about inclusion. What involvement is that!?




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