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Designing the future

In the world of instant relationships and one night stands we are looking for something strong, reliable and long-lasting. In the projects, and from time to time in life, it’s good to find someone with whom you can talk about the ideas for the future. Without fear, with open eyes and brain ready for diversity of the world. And of course with a suitable platform, like our NGO Market!

Vicolocorto International Seminar 2013

First it can be just sharing: Do you like cats or dogs? Do you prefer travelling or tourist agency support?  Do you care about gender equality or situation of young people in your town? Are you active and motivated enough to make an effort to solve the problems? After this it may happen that you will find a partner with similar goals, dreams and the way of thinking. The first thing is to know who you are and what you want to do. Of course usually we are not talking about the future after a one-week relation, but we are really eager to act together.

What are our plans? Which topics are passionate for us?
For instance, a cultural exchange in Turkey, support for rural areas, the project about survival skills in the woods including people with disabilities, integration of minorities into society, communication skills in NGO, EVS opportunities in Poland, an art exhibition for young talented painters and … many more.

We were also discussing in international groups three important topics for future: partnership – how it should look like, what are important “ingredients” in good partner relation; media in youth work – why in this modern world is so relevant to use tools which will give our work more visibility; values and ideas for projects, because every action needs idealistic background – without this we are just robots!
And even if proud of our results, we don’t feel like keeping our work jealously and exclusively for ourselves, but ready to shape  our inspirations and inputs into a document – a Youth Work Charter – to be shared at international level.

Vicolocorto International Seminar 2013

So just find your match and start to negotiate details – like in real life. Let’s be realistic – it may be not easy and probably it will not work. Planned dreams will never be fulfilled with this person, but what else can you do apart from trying and believing it’s possible? Good partnerships need effort, good will and a lot of patience. Still it’s not a reason for giving up. And when you are struggling, at the end of the rainbow there is a surprise – a Youthpass certificate! Every participant is getting this as a proof of the skills he/ she has gained during the project. It’s even better than a pact with the devil or a marriage contract. Especially if you can get your Youthpass from the head of the Province of Pesaro and Urbino – Matteo Ricci.

Vicolocorto International Seminar 2013

Thank you all and see you in the bright future!


All photos during the project “Strategy for inclusion” were taken by Julija Stancevičiūtė.


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