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Training, learning & remembering what’s already done

Excuse me, but when was the last time you learned something new? And how do you learn things? By reading, by sharing, by feeling, by changing? We do it by training and we do it good. Vicolocorto presents 3 training course success stories and learning by definition. Bulgaria & taking action for inclusion 2013 October… Continue reading Training, learning & remembering what’s already done

Eventi locali / Local events

Theories of time in Urbino

Well, that‘s a random  title for the blog entry about the Career day at the University of Urbino.  Anyway,  in the very middle of November 2013 - Wednesday the 13th and Thursday 14th, Vicolocorto packed all the inspiration and positive vibes into Laura‘s small black fun-mobile  and went for two days to the University of… Continue reading Theories of time in Urbino

Eventi locali / Local events

Job Mission Impossible?!

‘‘Job Mission Impossible?! Paths, Opportunities, Views within Job Market’’ is the theme of our meeting today organized by Informagiovani, the Youth Information Center of Pesaro. It basicly focused attention on young people opportunities on how to enter the job market as a powerful force to stand against uncertainty about the future are created by the current global… Continue reading Job Mission Impossible?!

Eventi locali / Local events

Parole, parole, parole … are meaningful!

Parole, parole, parole … are meaningful! Poetry is like coal mine of feelings. If they are expressed in many languages or dialects, it is getting even more involving and passionate. We tried to gather all values which are important in this multicultural pot called world and introduce Pesaresi to our national masterpieces of word. Curious… Continue reading Parole, parole, parole … are meaningful!

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Learning project management: Day 7

Our last day in Bakuriani is a sunny day and all the snow fallen yesterday looks now so blinding and white! We are in the right mood to start another fruitful day: we are going to work again on the projects realized by the groups, but I prefer to “give the floor” directly to the… Continue reading Learning project management: Day 7

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Learning project management: Day 6

DAY 6 What a snowy morning! Our footprints can’t stand on the street between the hotel and the seminary space for more than 30 second: after a while they disappear under a new blanket of white and soft snow. It’s so cold that we are the only people you could see in a round of… Continue reading Learning project management: Day 6