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Training, learning & remembering what’s already done

Excuse me, but when was the last time you learned something new? And how do you learn things? By reading, by sharing, by feeling, by changing? We do it by training and we do it good. Vicolocorto presents 3 training course success stories and learning by definition.

Vicolocorto_Post departure meeting

Bulgaria & taking action for inclusion

2013 October Vicolocorto sent 3 participants to the training course “VIP’s in action”, that took place in Bulgaria. The project was supposed to provide training course for the participants about inclusion and empowerement of young people with fewer opportunities, the tools and methods used to achieve the inclusion to the labor market. Our participants: Marco, Giulio & Bianca before leaving to Bulgaria had no experience in the field, almost none knowledge about the country and it’s culture. For them it was an opportunity to change the place for a while, to get to know new and different people from other countries and to learned something that they never tried before. I was the one providing them with the information about Bulgaria, I showed them sheep, alcohol and cyrillic alphabet, they looked ready to go.

Vicolocorto_Post departure meeting

Turkey & going online for youth work

In November of 2013 another 5 participants from Italy went to Turkey by the train of Vicolocorto. The train to training, nice, right? The project “Go Online!” was about providing a training course that combined theory and practice of developing the knowledge, skills and competences of usining social media in youth work. For participants Pietra, Benedetta, Anna, Letina & Silvia it was an opportunity of change and learning. Ladies came back very excited, inspired in different ways and ready to go online for the youth work.

Vicolocorto_Post departure meeting

Germany & theatre goes anti-discrimination

November was busy. Vicolocorto accompanied by 2 participants: GianMarco and Paola, went to Potsdam, Germany for a training course “Resist the beginnings: 2.0” . The aim of the project was to train the participants in the field of youth work against discrimination, using theatre techniques, methods and theories. I already know that GianMarco & Paola were so excited about learning new things and trying them out in practice, that now they are applying for the upcoming training course.

Coming back & what was learned

Just before Christmas all the participants gathered in the orange office of Vicolocorto to share what was expected before training and what was learned during the participation in the project. All these young people who just came back from the training looked inspired and excited about learning new things through non-formal education, about meeting a lot of different people, about traveling, but I wanted to ask them what does it mean “learning”by definition for them? how do they learn things and what was actually learned? The learning process itself is obviously fundamental during the training course. And a training course is not something that is given by teachers and formal education. Training courses are all about non-formal education, which means methods and tools of learning that require an active, always curious participant, who is willing not only to take the knowledge, skills and competences, but also to give and share what he already have. Benedetta told me: “Learning is all about yourself. You’ve got 100 ways to do so, it is all about will. You can learn from everything and everybody, every minute. It depends on the way you look at things.” GianMarco shared that learning is not a defined process, it’s a process in which you can easily get lost, but in a really pleasant way. Both of them basically saying the same thing just in a different way, also reminding about keeping oneself curious about everything around, about people and things, is the key not only to learning but also to self developement in general.


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Theories of time in Urbino

Well, that‘s a random  title for the blog entry about the Career day at the University of Urbino.  Anyway,  in the very middle of November 2013 – Wednesday the 13th and Thursday 14th, Vicolocorto packed all the inspiration and positive vibes into Laura‘s small black fun-mobile  and went for two days to the University of Urbino where the Career day was held. The University was open to local and international organizations, companies and associations to meet the students, discuss the possibilities and opportunities together or share experiences. That‘s exactly what Vicolocorto came to do: our Laura came to the Career day with a presentation about the  European Voluntary Service (EVS) offering an opportunity of international experience to young people who are just finishing university. Vicolocorto brought 5 amazing examples of an international experience as well: Julija from Lithuania, Trang from Vietnam, Kamila from Poland, Bianca from Italy & Tiemei from China came with Laura and shared their own experiences and impressions about making the decision, choosing EVS  and leaving  the home country for the sake of intercultural and work experience, change and self-development.

Vicolocorto at Urbino Career Day

When asked about my experience as an EVS volunteer, I always want people to reconsider the definition of time. Maybe their own theory of time that they never knew they have. Because when making such a life changing decision, timing is one of the most important factors: you may think you don‘t have time for voluntary work, you may think that your time is worth more than an unpaid experience, you may also be scared of long periods of time away from home, family and friends, in a foreign and unfamiliar culture. We hesitate a lot when making important decisions in our lives, we are scared of the future to come, we delay deadlines and we say „later“ when confronted with great opportunities or possibilities. We think we have a lot of time left, until we miss the chance. We think that future is a scary thing to face, but in reality the defining moment that consequences into the future is always at the present tense. I was asked more than many times about „so what‘s next?‘‘ and struggled with the answer until I understood that the only way not be scared of the future is to make the present right.
Don‘t be scared & keep in touch,

Vicolocorto at Urbino Career Day

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Job Mission Impossible?!

‘‘Job Mission Impossible?! Paths, Opportunities, Views within Job Market’’ is the theme of our meeting today organized by Informagiovani, the Youth Information Center of Pesaro. It basicly focused attention on young people opportunities on how to enter the job market as a powerful force to stand against uncertainty about the future are created by the current global economic crisis situation that affect the lives of individuals and the whole country.

We gathered in Biblioteca San Giovanni on Thursday 21 November to attend the meeting together with Dott. Flavio Nucci (Responsible of Labour Politicies, Orienteering of the Employment Center of Pesaro and Urbino Province who is in charge of job, unemployment and vocational training policies) Sabina Carrozzo (EURES Advisor for the Province of Pesaro and Urbino), Laura Pierfelici (Reponsible of Vicolocorto) and more than 50 youngsters who are students or graduated ones but couldn’t find proper jobs that fit their majors in university or their expectations.

Vicolocorto_ Job mission imposible

The meeting offered opportunities for them to get to know more about useful techniques to enter job market by knowing how to have well-prepared CV and have good background of knowledges, skills, experiences to fulfill the requirements of the employers not only in Italy but also in other countries for some who may have intention to work in an international group abroad.

The speeches explains new regulation about internships, info about jobs and training opportunities abroad for young people. They can improve themselves in many fields and aspects, for example improve their language ability (it might be English, or some others depend on the needs/requirements of the youngsters or employers), or how to do public speaking, prepare presentations, give ideas and receive feedbacks, deal with conflicts, struggles in jobs or life … they can choose to do internship or volunteering abroad to get all of the skills and experiences they need. It is like a fundamental step for them to get a good or even well-paid job in the future.

Vicolocorto_ Job mission impossible

The meeting was set up in a cozy place and pleasant atmostphere, youngsters could interact and ask directly about their concerns or worries. We, the volunteers representing the project with Vicolocorto, also had the chances to present ourselves and share our experiences of doing almost 3 month EVS here in Italy to everyone in the room. Its always a pleasure to inspire people to do the same thing that we are doing right now: be EVS volunteers 😀

Vicolocorto_ Job mission impossible



Eventi locali / Local events

Parole, parole, parole … are meaningful!

Parole, parole, parole … are meaningful!
Poetry is like coal mine of feelings. If they are expressed in many languages or dialects, it is getting even more involving and passionate. We tried to gather all values which are important in this multicultural pot called world and introduce Pesaresi to our national masterpieces of word. Curious what is relevant for 4 totally inspired EVS volunteers from China, Vietnam, Lithuania and Poland?

It’s not like that we are sitting in our EVS kitchen reading poetry. We needed a strong motivation and suggestion to dig into our national literature. The goal was an event organized by Biblioteca San Giovanni – “Un mondo, quanti mondi”. Maratona di lettura multilingue. We had to pick one piece of poetry and read it in mother tongue. All poems like the puzzles showed what is important for us and what can be an “ingredient” of life. We could speak out in the great company of languages and dialects: Italian, French, Spanish, Pesarese, Napoletano, Sardo, Armenian, etc.

Polish passion for life
Vicolocorto at Biblioteca San Giovanni Dec 2013Ebbrezza or Polish – upojenie can happen to you, when you are overwhelmed with feelings, experiences. You feel something so deeply and strongly, its seems like a limit for the senses. Like my beloved poet suggests, the act of love can be so similar to the act of death. I like this not real, baroque aesthetics. Especially that poem was turn into beautiful song in bossa nova style. Every word in this lyric is like a pearl and has deep meaning. When you are getting lost in passion, desire, your skin takes a breath of new, fresh air. You feel alive. Adjectives describing your state are not happy and cheerful, which I honestly deteste, but strong and a bit harsh. Ebbrezza can’t last forever. However it makes you feel alive, in opposition of sitting on the couch in warm slippers, watching TV and feeling empty. This is what I love in life.

Expressing love with Vietnamese words
Vicolocorto at Biblioteca San Giovanni Dec 2013Feeling love without saying anything about it to your beloved one is meaningless. Demand of repeating the love words is usually domain of women, but this time it’s a man who wants to get a bit of dolcezza into his ears. Vietnamese poem is amusing and cute conversation between two people who are together. The girl is a bit cold with a man. He wants to feel her more intensely, her love words, cuddling, smiling lips. Without this what is the importance of being in love? When you feel it, speak, shout, let the world and your beloved one know about this sweet warmth in your heart.

Finding yourself in Lithuanian woods
Vicolocorto at Biblioteca San Giovanni Dec 2013Life is not only about love, it’s also about discovering, wandering , making mistakes and getting lost. The choice of Julija was about this, about the journey of going through life while searching and asking questions, to find something that is still to be known. The path doesn’t necessarily lead to destination, it can be finding yourself lost in the darkness of the woods without any direction to go further, or it can be about starting everything from the beginning. Going is about using your senses like sight, hearing or touching to find the answers to questions. The pleasure of journey is just searching, finding yourself again and again. It requires courage and open mind.

Getting lost in … Chinese poetry
That was the hardest thing for me, a “simple Polish girl” to understand the beauty and depth of Chinese poetical expression. In a meanwhile it came up that I found in it everything what is mentioned before. Passion in discussing about it. Love which is hide between the lines. Discovering of the meaning and searching for answers. It’ good sometimes to get lost between the words. It’s even greater to be able to discuss about it how we did in Vicolocorto office.

For God’s sake, what Chinese poet wanted to say ? 🙂

Vicolocorto at Biblioteca San GIovanni Dec 2013Julija: it’s about beauty of the change, the change in himself.
Tiemei: the beauty of the world. At the beginning he felt lonely but after he discovered the beauty of the nature in Cambridge.
Alessandra: nature reflects the experience, everything changed in him, but he goes back home to China. The change is not visible, because it’s like plant under the water.
Kamila: It’s like EVS.

Hey you, Reader – you want to add something? Leave a comment..

..and check what Marina Della Bella, responsabile del coordinamento delle attività della biblioteca San Giovanni says about the activity:

“Da tre anni organizzo insieme ai miei colleghi maratone di lettura. Ormai si è creato un pubblico affezionato a cui ogni volta si aggiungono persone nuove, sia perché cerchiamo di coinvolgere gruppi e associazioni (stavolta Amnesty International, Centro Interculturale per la Pace, Festa dei Popoli) sia perché ci orientiamo su temi e modalità che avvicinano lettori sempre più numerosi e attivi. 

Per l’ultima maratona, svoltasi in biblioteca il primo dicembre scorso, abbiamo scelto il titolo “Un mondo, quanti mondi” proprio per lanciare un segnale di massima apertura. Si poteva leggere un brano a scelta in qualsiasi lingua o dialetto, per favorire la circolazione di linguaggi tra loro differenti per suoni, ritmi, musicalità e senso.
Si era anche liberi di non leggere le traduzioni in italiano, per offrire agli ascoltatori un approccio meno condizionato. Questo ha permesso di cogliere meglio l’espressività, il tono e la cadenza dei lettori dialettali e stranieri.

Fra questi ultimi, è stato prezioso il contributo offerto da alcune giovani volontarie dell’Associazione Vicolocorto, provenienti da Polonia, Lituania, Cina e Vietnam, a testimonianza di un mondo lontano che abbiamo potuto sentire più vicino e interessante da scoprire.
La curiosità per ciò che è differente e la comunicazione reciproca sono due strumenti utili per ampliare e arricchire anche una comunità fatta di lettori e di ascoltatori, che si incontrano per passare insieme una bella serata e per ricordarci l’importanza della lettura in tutte le sue forme. E magari per rivedersi, alimentando un dialogo che da una maratona di lettura prende semplicemente inizio”.


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Learning project management: Day 7

Vicolocorto TC Georgia 2013

Our last day in Bakuriani is a sunny day and all the snow fallen yesterday looks now so blinding and white! We are in the right mood to start another fruitful day: we are going to work again on the projects realized by the groups, but I prefer to “give the floor” directly to the guys.

Vicolocorto TC Georgia 2013

“We’ve just finished the Case Studies activity and, comparing it with the activities of yesterday, we can say that it was easy! Seba and Laura gave us a paper per group with some possible obstacles we could find in reality on our way to realize projects and we had the task to find solutions to overcome those problems. Maybe it wasn’t so hard even because our project was very concrete, so it was normal to find realistic solutions. We enjoyed the possibility to take a challenge, we improved ourselves in moving proposals and in finding solution, in one word we practiced the problem-solving.”

Vicolocorto TC Georgia 2013

“Today we took the stock of the situation and this activity helped us, it let us think about everything, starting from the very beginning: we wrote in a paper all the things that we learned and we wrote them as big as how much we experienced them. If you don’t do something like this, I mean if you don’t put everything on paper, lots of things are going to remain inside your heads. For my group, program managing experience, development of relationships, team working and travelling has been the biggest words to write on the poster and I’m satisfied about this.”

Vicolocorto TC Georgia 2013

“Everything was interesting to me: When I arrived I wanted to know more and more and I hope I can create my own project in my country, in Armenia. Now I have some new tools and I think they’ll help me in this. I like the trainers, they were professional and pleasing at the same time. And I like working in team: it’s very important because when you worked by yourself (as university, for example, get us used) you have less opportunities, and you can’t compare your results. In group it’s more interactive, there’s more dialogue, you can find more options until you’ll arrive to the right one. All these things has been done during this project and it’s great!”

Our training is coming to an end, so what are we going to do now? A party for sure, to say goodbye to all the other participants! 😀 During the afternoon the guys will realize the last evaluation about the whole experience and they will prepare our last night… A bit of sadness but… we’ll join the party!!!

Well, we already know the satisfaction of the participants, but what about the staff?

Vicolocorto TC Georgia 2013

“I’m really happy about this training and its results. Working as a trainer with Sebastian was so successful and the group was so amazing! Everyone worked hard and it was great the contribution and the energy of everyone but also we had a lot of fun together that made every day together more exciting! Cooperation and cohesion are essential in this kind of context and this time we really got it!
Even if sometimes we were exhausted, every evening me and Seba had our team meeting together with the rest of the team (Daniele, George, Tania and Irakli) reflecting about the day and supporting each other, evaluating, adapting and sharing ideas: it was a really stimulating team with so many different competences and attitudes and I guess also the group could benefit of this mix. I’m going to miss this amazing team and this nice time in the snowy Bakuriani.”

Vicolocorto TC Georgia 2013

“This was the first Vicolocorto’s experience in a project coordinated by our association and realized out from Italy, thanks to the precious cooperation of the Georgian NGO “APD”, Academy for Peace and Development. My role was to manage all the contacts, both with the partners and the participants, before and during the project. There in Bakuriani I dealt with the logistic organization, with the Italian and Georgian staffs coordination and with all the statements and reports of the project. We set up a small office and from this mobile post we could follow the project and, at the same time, work on the bureaucratic and administrative aspects. It has been a wonderful experience: to me it was the first time in a Caucasian country and it was incredible to see how many similarity there are between Georgian and Italian culture!”

Vicolocorto TC Georgia 2013

And finally, this is me! With my inseparable block notes, my precious help to remember all the people I need to interview and all the picture I need to take… just to disturb a bit every participant 😉 Oh, and in this image you can’t see my second fundamental instrument, my camera, because Elena was so worried about the lack of picture of me that she decided to take me one. Well, after this parenthesis, what can I say? What more than all the others, I mean… For me this was my first time with NGOs and everything was new for me: I loved to take care of the blog, of the facebook contacts, of the pictures and so on… and I loved the people I met… It was a great and pleasant melting pot and I’ve had the opportunity to learn, to see and to understand something (about Georgia, but mostly about people) that I would never learn, see or understand in a different context. So thanks to life, to have given to me this occasion and thanks to you guys, Daniele and Laura first, and then all the others, for all this things you gave me.


Kisses and hugs…!

Tania  😉

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Learning project management: Day 6

What a snowy morning! Our footprints can’t stand on the street between the hotel and the seminary space for more than 30 second: after a while they disappear under a new blanket of white and soft snow. It’s so cold that we are the only people you could see in a round of a kilometer…

6th day dog in the snow

 Oh, and with us in the middle of this white and silent landscape there’s this lovely “wolf”, as somebody called him, but it’s only a big and furry dog that frolics here around looking for some food and for some cuddles.

“Making a project” is the objective for today: starting from the tools and the ideas we had yesterday, the guys are bringing back together to their groups in order to realize something concrete. Let’s see what’s going on!

Nutsa and Pikria from Georgia
Nutsa and Pikria from Georgia

“It was a good experience to create a specific and detailed project: we improved our skills to organize and plan everything. At first it was hard for us because we’ve already had the opportunity to work for some projects but they were smaller and different. It was really fruitful to change our mind and to speak each other in order to give solutions. It was a push, it has been really interesting even to learn how to make a schedule. For sure we need more and more practice, but the fact that we needed to think about all the details and to specify a lot really helps us in practicing. We studied how to correct our mistakes. Seba and Laura gave us the correct explanations about how we could start and it makes us able to go on with our work.” say Nutsa and Pikria from Georgia

Nelly from Armenia
Nelly from Armenia

“Well, my work was about active citizenship and we reduced this topic to the sphere of youth. This problem exists in all the countries of the components of my group but we decided to focus on the social inclusion in Armenian community, concentrating ourselves particularly on the barriers that we need to overcome. It was hard but the tools we had helped us a lot, ‘cause with those instruments we could understand better what we must achieve and we could focus on what was really important, to organize better the whole work. Finally it has been a very productive day: even listening to the others’ presentations. It let us compare with them and have more suggestions. Jolanta, who was in my group, helped us very much because she has Project Management as one of the subjects of her university course and she gave us good advices. At least it has been realistic and I appreciated it, it gives me a push to be better in my tasks.” comments Nelly from Armenia

Ali and Arif from Turkey
Ali and Arif from Turkey

“There were only us in our team and we’ve already worked together but this time the topic was a bit complex and we needed to study the situation. It wasn’t easy, we worked hard. At the first look we know that the topic could seem unrealistic but during the development we saw that it can be managed. We think that one of the most important moment of the day was the sharing: it gives us really a lot of new and different ideas and suggestions to see new directions. It was interesting even to see how the other groups decided to use the tools we’ve had. In fact, tools have been so helpful to us, ‘cause they make us able to overcome problems.” say Ali and Arif from Turkey

What a full day! Our brains are burning and a lot of ideas and doubts are in the air but, come on, it was the first try for the most of the participants to make their own project and they were starting from the very beginning so we can surely say that it has been a positive work. We deserve some rest and an unespected blackout made it possible faster than we planned 🙂


We left our papers on the table and, by candle light, we listened to Demyd playing the guitar. So relaxing… And we realized that tomorrow will be the last day in Bakuriani! It looks impossible, the time is running so fast and we have so much to share! Anyway, we’ll try to do our best with the last hours we have. While we’re thinking about it, the lights switched on again, we returned to reality and we enjoy our free time in this snowy Georgian evening…