Learning project management: Day 3


3rd day snow (2)
Snow in Bakuriani

I told you about the snow yesterday and I must show you this landscape… Don’t you think so? It’s almost blinding with the light of this sunny morning! Amazing…

Well, for sure by this atmosphere the day couldn’t start better. We have much more energy with this sun and we can start with a very important topic: YOUTH is the key-word of this morning. What does youth mean and what is youth participation?

Andranik from Armenia
Andranik from Armenia

“It’s hard to define an age for the youth, it’s impossible, for me, to put limits: I think Youth is a state of mind! That’s why we were debating with Jesus and other guys. Maybe they think about Youth more as a physical question, they think about white hair!  My grandfather, for example, is more than 80 years old and he is young: he is active, more than a lot of boys and girls that I met. And, what about participation… Youth are the ones who have questions, people who want somebody to give them answers: some are shy or anyway they are not wondering and I don’t understand why. By this way they are losing opportunities, so don’t be afraid to ask, guys!!!”

Group presentation
Group presentation

Youth is time to decide which kind of life you want to live and it should mean involvement in every field (cultural, social, economic and politic) and being part of the community. Participation is not to be part of the problem but to be part of the solution!

Let’s see the work of the guys, now. We want to share what we do in our organizations or in general as volunteers or workers.

Tika from Georgia

“I’ve worked in this field in Austria before, and now I want to understand where to apply here in Georgia, I mean, here we have a different reality and I need an inspiration for what I can do of really useful, ‘cause I want to create an organization on my own. For example, Ana’s experience is very interesting to me. The idea of this big house where volunteers, and people in general, can have board and lodging for free, paying just with their services, could be right for the Georgian context: there are a lot of homeless here and especially in winter it’s a big problem.” says Tika from Georgia

NGO market
NGO market

So much different projects and realities! All interesting ideas, some of them already well known, some others completely new, but all of them helped us to reflect in small working groups on the purpose we want to achieve with our projects, for example:

  • Provide more info to youth
  • Get more active involvement in decisions and social inclusion
  • provide a set of values and help the youth development
  • make the voice of youth heard

And how can we do it concretely?

  • Working on the competence development of youth workers
  • Through non formal education  (training courses, summer-camps and so on)
  • Fostering volunteering
  • Through new exchange programs

What a full immersion today… Our brain is full of inputs now, and even if we’re a bit tired the only feeling you can see in our eyes is excitement for all these ideas flowing around!

Guys, we don’t need any kind of ginseng or vitamins, we have ENERGY undiluted!



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