Learning project management: Day 5

Wow, we really enjoyed ourselves last night… but now we feel a bit tired… Anyway, our trainers know what we need and as always we start the morning session with an “energizer”, a little and funny game to re-activate our brains and our bodies: it works! You should see how those listless faces became smiling in a while!


Now we are awake and ready to get really going with one of the most important moment of the whole training course. It’s time to improve ourselves and to think about a real project and, above all, about the ways and the tools to realize it concretely. Well, at first we must found the problem we would like to face: each participant makes a proposal and shares, writing it on a paper and putting this idea on the floor just in order to let all the others see it and value if they should join that input.

sharing the problems to tackle

By this way the groups are taking shape by themselves, following own individual interests, and we can start the real hard work of the day. I think it’s better to hear directly from them which are the development and difficulties of this kind of activity. Three instruments has been given them in order to realize their objectives and these are: the “problem tree”, the “actor mapping” and the “impact chain”. Let’s see how they used it and what’s going on.

Anastasiia, Aleksandra (Ukraine) Sabina (Azerbaijan)
Anastasiia, Aleksandra (Ukraine) Sabina (Azerbaijan)

Well, we are working on the theme of unemployment. The problem tree tool helped us to focus on the problem: it has been useful when we needed to go deep specifically on each single topic. At the beginning it was a bit hard because we realized that problems are deeper than they looks and that behind every problem there are so much more other problems to solve. It’s a chain, you can’t get to the bottom of this! But at least we could find a way to solve some little problems, one by one, and it was amazing to see that we were able to go on and on. Well, a bit slowly but anyway the work was satisfying and we found it really interesting because this is what we hope to do in our life!” explain Anastasiia, Aleksandra and Sabina.

Ana (Spain) Farida (Azerbaijan)
Ana (Spain) Farida (Azerbaijan)

“We used the Actor mapping as instrument to identify all the people involved in the social context we were analyzing: it’s not easy to define everything and without this instrument it could be harder than it was. We’ve had the opportunity to realize all the complexity of the theme we have chosen and we agreed that it was a too big topic to solve it in this short time, so we changed it, I mean we chose to contain our field to the topic of stereotypes and we think it has been a good decision.” say Ana and Farida

Samantha (Italy) Nora (Germany) Jolanta (Italy)
Samantha (Italy) Nora (Germany) Jolanta (Italy)

“We’ve never heard about impact chain before and it wasn’t so easy to use it at the beginning and even a bit confusing, especially when we needed to distinguish outcomes from outputs . At least it became easier when we started thinking specifically on the project. We understood that we should work on a concrete idea, on something real: by this way that tool was really helpful. We tried to be more complete comparing activities and effects. Realistic activities mean realistic outcomes and it let us working in a better and conspicuous way” say Samantha, Nora and Jolanta.

Well done, guys! We saw how this day has been hard for you but now I really trust that, in this mood, the work of tomorrow will be easier and very productive! It’s the time for self evaluation and then finally some hours of deserved rest. After dinner some of us went out to go to the near little shop, just to buy some juice or some chocolate for us or for our secret friends (sssssshhh, don’t tell it to them!!!) and this small walk became a kind of strange local excursion… 🙂

Mr. Omar
Mr. Omar

When we arrived the woman who works there, called his husband, Mr Omar and he immediately arrived with some of his own homemade young wine! He wanted us to taste it and he was so proud to be there with a lot of foreigners who were there to visit Georgia that he made a special toast for us: so nice! We drank together and he asked us about our nationality explaining something about his “Georgianity”. He’s been so funny, he tried to tell some words in our languages and he wanted Tika to translate for us when we couldn’t understand. He was so hospitable, gentle and happy even because for him we were coming from such far countries and he was really proud that we were really in his beloved Georgia. It was amazing, we couldn’t believe it at first…! A different way to pass an evening in Bakuriani 😀



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