Learning project management: Day 6

What a snowy morning! Our footprints can’t stand on the street between the hotel and the seminary space for more than 30 second: after a while they disappear under a new blanket of white and soft snow. It’s so cold that we are the only people you could see in a round of a kilometer…

6th day dog in the snow

 Oh, and with us in the middle of this white and silent landscape there’s this lovely “wolf”, as somebody called him, but it’s only a big and furry dog that frolics here around looking for some food and for some cuddles.

“Making a project” is the objective for today: starting from the tools and the ideas we had yesterday, the guys are bringing back together to their groups in order to realize something concrete. Let’s see what’s going on!

Nutsa and Pikria from Georgia
Nutsa and Pikria from Georgia

“It was a good experience to create a specific and detailed project: we improved our skills to organize and plan everything. At first it was hard for us because we’ve already had the opportunity to work for some projects but they were smaller and different. It was really fruitful to change our mind and to speak each other in order to give solutions. It was a push, it has been really interesting even to learn how to make a schedule. For sure we need more and more practice, but the fact that we needed to think about all the details and to specify a lot really helps us in practicing. We studied how to correct our mistakes. Seba and Laura gave us the correct explanations about how we could start and it makes us able to go on with our work.” say Nutsa and Pikria from Georgia

Nelly from Armenia
Nelly from Armenia

“Well, my work was about active citizenship and we reduced this topic to the sphere of youth. This problem exists in all the countries of the components of my group but we decided to focus on the social inclusion in Armenian community, concentrating ourselves particularly on the barriers that we need to overcome. It was hard but the tools we had helped us a lot, ‘cause with those instruments we could understand better what we must achieve and we could focus on what was really important, to organize better the whole work. Finally it has been a very productive day: even listening to the others’ presentations. It let us compare with them and have more suggestions. Jolanta, who was in my group, helped us very much because she has Project Management as one of the subjects of her university course and she gave us good advices. At least it has been realistic and I appreciated it, it gives me a push to be better in my tasks.” comments Nelly from Armenia

Ali and Arif from Turkey
Ali and Arif from Turkey

“There were only us in our team and we’ve already worked together but this time the topic was a bit complex and we needed to study the situation. It wasn’t easy, we worked hard. At the first look we know that the topic could seem unrealistic but during the development we saw that it can be managed. We think that one of the most important moment of the day was the sharing: it gives us really a lot of new and different ideas and suggestions to see new directions. It was interesting even to see how the other groups decided to use the tools we’ve had. In fact, tools have been so helpful to us, ‘cause they make us able to overcome problems.” say Ali and Arif from Turkey

What a full day! Our brains are burning and a lot of ideas and doubts are in the air but, come on, it was the first try for the most of the participants to make their own project and they were starting from the very beginning so we can surely say that it has been a positive work. We deserve some rest and an unespected blackout made it possible faster than we planned 🙂


We left our papers on the table and, by candle light, we listened to Demyd playing the guitar. So relaxing… And we realized that tomorrow will be the last day in Bakuriani! It looks impossible, the time is running so fast and we have so much to share! Anyway, we’ll try to do our best with the last hours we have. While we’re thinking about it, the lights switched on again, we returned to reality and we enjoy our free time in this snowy Georgian evening…



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