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Learning project management: Day 7

Vicolocorto TC Georgia 2013

Our last day in Bakuriani is a sunny day and all the snow fallen yesterday looks now so blinding and white! We are in the right mood to start another fruitful day: we are going to work again on the projects realized by the groups, but I prefer to “give the floor” directly to the guys.

Vicolocorto TC Georgia 2013

“We’ve just finished the Case Studies activity and, comparing it with the activities of yesterday, we can say that it was easy! Seba and Laura gave us a paper per group with some possible obstacles we could find in reality on our way to realize projects and we had the task to find solutions to overcome those problems. Maybe it wasn’t so hard even because our project was very concrete, so it was normal to find realistic solutions. We enjoyed the possibility to take a challenge, we improved ourselves in moving proposals and in finding solution, in one word we practiced the problem-solving.”

Vicolocorto TC Georgia 2013

“Today we took the stock of the situation and this activity helped us, it let us think about everything, starting from the very beginning: we wrote in a paper all the things that we learned and we wrote them as big as how much we experienced them. If you don’t do something like this, I mean if you don’t put everything on paper, lots of things are going to remain inside your heads. For my group, program managing experience, development of relationships, team working and travelling has been the biggest words to write on the poster and I’m satisfied about this.”

Vicolocorto TC Georgia 2013

“Everything was interesting to me: When I arrived I wanted to know more and more and I hope I can create my own project in my country, in Armenia. Now I have some new tools and I think they’ll help me in this. I like the trainers, they were professional and pleasing at the same time. And I like working in team: it’s very important because when you worked by yourself (as university, for example, get us used) you have less opportunities, and you can’t compare your results. In group it’s more interactive, there’s more dialogue, you can find more options until you’ll arrive to the right one. All these things has been done during this project and it’s great!”

Our training is coming to an end, so what are we going to do now? A party for sure, to say goodbye to all the other participants! 😀 During the afternoon the guys will realize the last evaluation about the whole experience and they will prepare our last night… A bit of sadness but… we’ll join the party!!!

Well, we already know the satisfaction of the participants, but what about the staff?

Vicolocorto TC Georgia 2013

“I’m really happy about this training and its results. Working as a trainer with Sebastian was so successful and the group was so amazing! Everyone worked hard and it was great the contribution and the energy of everyone but also we had a lot of fun together that made every day together more exciting! Cooperation and cohesion are essential in this kind of context and this time we really got it!
Even if sometimes we were exhausted, every evening me and Seba had our team meeting together with the rest of the team (Daniele, George, Tania and Irakli) reflecting about the day and supporting each other, evaluating, adapting and sharing ideas: it was a really stimulating team with so many different competences and attitudes and I guess also the group could benefit of this mix. I’m going to miss this amazing team and this nice time in the snowy Bakuriani.”

Vicolocorto TC Georgia 2013

“This was the first Vicolocorto’s experience in a project coordinated by our association and realized out from Italy, thanks to the precious cooperation of the Georgian NGO “APD”, Academy for Peace and Development. My role was to manage all the contacts, both with the partners and the participants, before and during the project. There in Bakuriani I dealt with the logistic organization, with the Italian and Georgian staffs coordination and with all the statements and reports of the project. We set up a small office and from this mobile post we could follow the project and, at the same time, work on the bureaucratic and administrative aspects. It has been a wonderful experience: to me it was the first time in a Caucasian country and it was incredible to see how many similarity there are between Georgian and Italian culture!”

Vicolocorto TC Georgia 2013

And finally, this is me! With my inseparable block notes, my precious help to remember all the people I need to interview and all the picture I need to take… just to disturb a bit every participant 😉 Oh, and in this image you can’t see my second fundamental instrument, my camera, because Elena was so worried about the lack of picture of me that she decided to take me one. Well, after this parenthesis, what can I say? What more than all the others, I mean… For me this was my first time with NGOs and everything was new for me: I loved to take care of the blog, of the facebook contacts, of the pictures and so on… and I loved the people I met… It was a great and pleasant melting pot and I’ve had the opportunity to learn, to see and to understand something (about Georgia, but mostly about people) that I would never learn, see or understand in a different context. So thanks to life, to have given to me this occasion and thanks to you guys, Daniele and Laura first, and then all the others, for all this things you gave me.


Kisses and hugs…!

Tania  😉

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