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Job Mission Impossible?!

‘‘Job Mission Impossible?! Paths, Opportunities, Views within Job Market’’ is the theme of our meeting today organized by Informagiovani, the Youth Information Center of Pesaro. It basicly focused attention on young people opportunities on how to enter the job market as a powerful force to stand against uncertainty about the future are created by the current global economic crisis situation that affect the lives of individuals and the whole country.

We gathered in Biblioteca San Giovanni on Thursday 21 November to attend the meeting together with Dott. Flavio Nucci (Responsible of Labour Politicies, Orienteering of the Employment Center of Pesaro and Urbino Province who is in charge of job, unemployment and vocational training policies) Sabina Carrozzo (EURES Advisor for the Province of Pesaro and Urbino), Laura Pierfelici (Reponsible of Vicolocorto) and more than 50 youngsters who are students or graduated ones but couldn’t find proper jobs that fit their majors in university or their expectations.

Vicolocorto_ Job mission imposible

The meeting offered opportunities for them to get to know more about useful techniques to enter job market by knowing how to have well-prepared CV and have good background of knowledges, skills, experiences to fulfill the requirements of the employers not only in Italy but also in other countries for some who may have intention to work in an international group abroad.

The speeches explains new regulation about internships, info about jobs and training opportunities abroad for young people. They can improve themselves in many fields and aspects, for example improve their language ability (it might be English, or some others depend on the needs/requirements of the youngsters or employers), or how to do public speaking, prepare presentations, give ideas and receive feedbacks, deal with conflicts, struggles in jobs or life … they can choose to do internship or volunteering abroad to get all of the skills and experiences they need. It is like a fundamental step for them to get a good or even well-paid job in the future.

Vicolocorto_ Job mission impossible

The meeting was set up in a cozy place and pleasant atmostphere, youngsters could interact and ask directly about their concerns or worries. We, the volunteers representing the project with Vicolocorto, also had the chances to present ourselves and share our experiences of doing almost 3 month EVS here in Italy to everyone in the room. Its always a pleasure to inspire people to do the same thing that we are doing right now: be EVS volunteers 😀

Vicolocorto_ Job mission impossible



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