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Theories of time in Urbino

Well, that‘s a random  title for the blog entry about the Career day at the University of Urbino.  Anyway,  in the very middle of November 2013 – Wednesday the 13th and Thursday 14th, Vicolocorto packed all the inspiration and positive vibes into Laura‘s small black fun-mobile  and went for two days to the University of Urbino where the Career day was held. The University was open to local and international organizations, companies and associations to meet the students, discuss the possibilities and opportunities together or share experiences. That‘s exactly what Vicolocorto came to do: our Laura came to the Career day with a presentation about the  European Voluntary Service (EVS) offering an opportunity of international experience to young people who are just finishing university. Vicolocorto brought 5 amazing examples of an international experience as well: Julija from Lithuania, Trang from Vietnam, Kamila from Poland, Bianca from Italy & Tiemei from China came with Laura and shared their own experiences and impressions about making the decision, choosing EVS  and leaving  the home country for the sake of intercultural and work experience, change and self-development.

Vicolocorto at Urbino Career Day

When asked about my experience as an EVS volunteer, I always want people to reconsider the definition of time. Maybe their own theory of time that they never knew they have. Because when making such a life changing decision, timing is one of the most important factors: you may think you don‘t have time for voluntary work, you may think that your time is worth more than an unpaid experience, you may also be scared of long periods of time away from home, family and friends, in a foreign and unfamiliar culture. We hesitate a lot when making important decisions in our lives, we are scared of the future to come, we delay deadlines and we say „later“ when confronted with great opportunities or possibilities. We think we have a lot of time left, until we miss the chance. We think that future is a scary thing to face, but in reality the defining moment that consequences into the future is always at the present tense. I was asked more than many times about „so what‘s next?‘‘ and struggled with the answer until I understood that the only way not be scared of the future is to make the present right.
Don‘t be scared & keep in touch,

Vicolocorto at Urbino Career Day


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