I have just finished the training course Lsd ( learning for sustanaible development ) in Coy ( region of Murcia, Spain ) and it was such a great experience to interact with young people from ten European and Asian countries.

The countries were: Vietnam, Indonesia, Philippines, Netherland, Bulgaria, Poland, Spain, China, Italy, India, Lithuania. Even if we were from such different places, but entered in touch with all the participants so easy. This project was very well prepared and I think that the first point ”building a group” was reached!VICOLOCORTO_LSD

This training course was the first phase of four: second phase- jobshadowing, third phase- local work ,fourth phase- evaluation seminar. The participants were all facilitators of youth activities and in few days we develop what learning to learn means. The first thing I thought when I arrived there was that it was so good I should first be a learner there! To learn from the others with a lot of experience more than mine! We talked in groups about what being a learner is, if we learn better by our own, with others or in international groups. I received a lot of information about what is learning to learn: it means to knowing your own learning preferences, also being ready to accept responsability for your learning process, being self -confident to enter learning process with others, giving and accepting feedback. Now I know more about non-formal education, how you can bring people together, listen, observe and motivate them! How you can be a good facilitator! I also made my first workshop! I worked with two Asiatic friends and we really collaborated well together! I really liked the moment when we spoke about all the Asiatic and European organizations: how they work ,what themes do they develop, information that maybe can be useful for a future collaboration!



We also had a great time together by singing and dancing (for example traditional polish dance), cooking and enjoying real Italian pasta and going for beers to the only and unique bar of Coy ”BAR JESUS”. I came back home full of inspiration and knowledge about what is being a facilitator, what working in a organization means, what being an international volunteer is ( and how useful you can be to others. I meet so friendly people who shared with me their work and their enthusiasm about helping others!

This wasn’t only a project left in Coy, for me it was a new beginning, a new way of seeing things. Coming back home, I keep on questioning how can I be useful to help others and be more open minded. I would really like one day to meet and visit all the Asiatic and European friends I met in Coy, visit their organizations and share some time by helping them!




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