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Different feelings in different schools

As we all know, students are the future of the country, they can make a tremendous contribution and devote themselves to their country when they grow up. And we have the chance to communicate with the students at the high school and the secondary school in Urbino and Pesaro.

First I’d like to say something about Istituto d’Istruzione Superiore Raffaello – Urbino. You can see different countries in this school exspecially during the International Week (25th – 20th November 2013). Creative students are presenting different cultures and organizing the languages and cultures week in order to remember the importance of cultural integration and  multilingualism. Here it’s like you are in China, England, France, German, Poland, Lithuania and so on. Also you can enjoy the food, fashion products.

Vicolocorto_Istituto d'Istruzione Superiore Raffaello – Urbino

Then the enthusiastic teacher takes us to the sports hall where students have already been seated. They are full of energy and passion when they see us. Alessandra, who is the tutor of the EVS volunteers, presents the specific project that is the European Volunteer Service (EVS). The project gives a chance to young peole to learn from experience and the volunteers Tiemei, Julija, Trang can share their experiences in Italy with students .

Vicolocorto_Istituto d'Istruzione Superiore Raffaello – Urbino

For sure, many students are interested in this project and ask some serious questions. For example, “Why do you choose Italy? What do you do every day? How long will you stay here? Etc.” Some students can’t understand English and but they try their best to express their thoughts and ideas with us. Stefano Santini (euro.desk local relay Pesaro-Urbino) says about the event: “My general feeling is that enough information has been given about youth exchanges and the EVS. I think that students understood what to do if they want to take part in those experiences or projects. This is for sure a positive aspect and our objective. Another positive aspect was your EVS experience. I must say that I would have liked to hear something more about your experience ( The experience of the volunteers) as it could give an additional value which was missed a little. From my experience I know that students normally like real life stories and life experiences, even if they don’t ask questions.” Actually we like to describe our real life for the students, so they can touch our volunteers’ life.

Vicolocorto_Istituto d'Istruzione Superiore Raffaello – Urbino

Next part I wanna say something about Gaudiano, that is a secondary school in Pesaro. The age of students is from 11 to 14, that’s why they are curious about everything. They’d like to ask some naive questions, but today our objective is to spread our songs, cultures, experience and communicate with them. Tiemei from China plays the Chinese song called “Welcome to Beijing” that was made in 2008 for countdown 100-day to the Olympic Games. The Olympic Games are one of the biggest events in the world, even it’s held in the capital of China in 2008. Trang from Vietnam presents the song called “Bui Phan” – “ Chalk dust”. The song shows love and appreciation to the teachers. Julija from Lithuania shows  “3 million” which represents the population of Lithuanian nation, and is like the second anthem in the country.

Vicolocorto_Scuola secondaria Gaudiano-Pesaro

We’d like students to assimilate international cultures and know each other better and better. As Principal A. De Marchi said ”What I like more about the meeting between volunteers and students, it’s the idea of giving to my students a real model of young people that are open-minded, curious and make volunteering an experience of human and social growth.”
See you next time!



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