“Crossover” Evs Project, Pesaro, Italy


 Hi! I’m Vanessa Gonçalves, 26 years old and I came from Portugal. I am a cultural anthropologist, a social educator and a musician. This is the first time I’m  in Italy and the first time I will spend a long time period far away from home.

Why Italy?

The answer is pretty simple. Good food, lots of culture, beautiful language, full of History in every corner, great tradition in music.

Why Pesaro?

Because is a peacefull and quiet city next to the sea, surrounded by nature. Even if it’s small it has lots of things to do and see. And I had already good references from a friend.

Why Vicolocorto?

I choose it mainly because they’re target group is Youth, and I have worked with children and eldery already but never with youth. Of course, all the concept and developed work by the association is related with my formal and informal competences. Intercultural practice, social education and community development. I hope to share and develop all this competences with Vicolocorto.

First Impressions of Pesaro

 I arrived in Pesaro on the 3rd of February, just some weeks ago. I departed from Portugal with this in mind “ try to avoid all kinds of expectations about everything. Just let people and places surprise you.”

I think I did it well. I’m being surprised all days since I arrived.

First moment I put my feet into Pesarese soil, I’ ll never forget. I went out of the train and saw a girl hanging this huge paper where it was writen Vicolocorto and four girls smiling and saying “Ciao Vanessa!!!”. This four girls were Alessandra, Tiemei, Julija and Trang, my future flatmates and partners of work and daily life. Then they took me to my new house, and in the room that I’m now sharing with Tiemei was this welcoming post in the wall ( as you can see in the photo). Nice welcoming 🙂 Grazie ragazze.

Vicolocorto_ Pesaro first impresion

I will not write the diary of each day,  cause is too much information and readers would became bored. So I’ll divide my text in three parts:

1. Pesaro People

2. Places

3. More relevant experiences (for me)

1. In general, people are really nice. In every place like bars or supermarkets, also in the streets when I ask for information. Even if they’re are not capable of speaking english they always make an effort to understand or help. The young people that are being presented to me, mostly friends of my flatmates or volunteers of Vicolocorto, are also nice and curious about me, my interests , my language and my culture. I’ m feeling truely integrated until now, also due to the fact that portuguese culture and language are really similar to italian.

2. The city is prety quiet and relaxed. Some beautiful historical buildings. Lot’s music and musicians ( for a small city, I think). The bars are very cosy and some of them have good live music of different styles. The most relevant thing is the surrounding landscape: the adriatic sea and beaches with clean sand. The two hills, the birds. For me is very important  to live near the sea, as I’m used in Portugal. The colour of the sky and the quality of the wind near the sea makes me happier.

3. First, the experience of leaving with four girls of different nationalities. A portuguese, an italian, a chinese, a vietnamese and a lituanian all together. The sharing of food and general cultural habits. It can look crazy but actually is amazing and funny (at least for me). With Julija (Lituania) and Alessandra (Italy), because we’re europeans the gap is smaller. With Trang (Vietnam) and Tiemei (China) I’m learning so many new things, absorving all the asian habits and trying to understand  them ( always without judgments, of course).

Vicolocorto_ Pesaro first impression

Vicolocorto_Pesaro first impression

Second, the music. In only two weeks I saw three concerts that I really enjoyed. An amazing indie rock/ post rock band in Dalla Cira ( near the beach). A classical piano concert (pieces from Romantic period) of Benedetto Lupo in Teatro Rossini ( cosy and beautiful inside, great acoustic). Finally I attend to a trio concert in Bartendher, composed by piano, violin and contrabass/clarinet/foot-tambourine . It was truely pleasurable, because they were from diferent countries ( Italy, Colombia, and Japan) and they were playing some traditional pieces from each place and some jazz and tango songs as well.

Third, the trips into the nature. First sunday, the surrounding villages and hills. Second sunday, Monte Nerone. Monte Nerone is something. You breathe nature every second. Waterfalls, small rivers, huge rocks, horses running wildly. Wonderful, I dont have many words to describe such beauty, so you have photos to see.

Vicolocorto_ Pesaro, first impression

Vicolocorto _ Pesaro first impression

So, this is the compact version of my first experiences in Pesaro. The extent one I’ ll keep for myself in my memories. Hope you enjoyed the reading! See you soon!

Vanessa Benito Gonçalves

Vicolocorto_ Pesaro first impression


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