Ask me, where I‘ve been!

A so git al mer. I know I know it‘s no longer surprising to hear some local Pesaro dialect from me, but  I‘m just trying to be funny. And if I got your attention, let me tell you some external point of view about you and your natural habitat, my dear Pesaresi. The things quoted were told to me here and are totally real and I feel like I didn‘t have a chance to explain myself and maybe other foreigners in here properly.  Have fun and so it goes:

Quote No 1: „Just  learn normal Italian, dialect is for peasants“.  Non dirmi cosa devo fare. The dialect is interesting: it doesn‘t only tell where you come from, but it also let‘s you inside. I saw how  a person from Fano, can be more foreign in Pesaro than me, by saying „I don‘t understand Pesarese“.

Vicolocorto_Julija talking italian to a dog

Quote No 2:  „It‘s boring, can I improve my English with you?“  Actually you can & I‘m very proud of my people improving their English very recognizably, but don‘t abuse this chance and give me some Italian in return, or Pesarese. ^^

Vicolocorto_Julija learning Pesarese dialect

Quote No 3: „I traveled a lot, Pesaro is boring and doomed.“ Nope, the place is not boring, you are boring. I‘ve seen some places in the world too and now I‘m here in your hometown which is new and interesting to me, with a lot of amazing people to get to know and things to experience. Just try to be as curious in your home country as you would be abroad. Or ask a foreigner to show you around in Pesaro, I promise you it‘s something that you wouldn‘t expect.

Vicolocorto_ Julija talking italian to the mountain

Quote No 4: „I have nothing to do in Italy, I want to leave this country and this town.“  This is something to reconsider, when talking to a foreigner who came to your country and your city with things to do.  Maybe it‘s not so bad and boring after all.

Vicolocorto_Julija talking to italian horses

 Quote No 5: „Don‘t be so from the North,  you‘re in Italy now“.  Thanks  so much for noticing, I can‘t promise to become more Italian, but you are always welcome to come upstairs to the North and see some real northern people. MIND PERSONAL SPACE WHILE TRAVELING IN THE NORTH.

Vicolocorto_Julija talking italian to another foreigner

Quote No 6: „You‘re a lazy foreigner, because you don‘t speak Italian.“  One question & one excuse. The excuse – English is my foreign language too, I wasn‘t born with this thing. The question –  how many years it took for you to start speaking any foreign language ( which is not Spanish)? I speak Italian to children and dogs, but  be patient and I will speak Italian to you too. Eventually, haha.


Le gita ben, a dop.

Lots of love,



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