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Valentine’s day or one more day for women

Never too late to protect your human rights. With the development of the society, people always assume that everyone is equal, no matter who you are, no matter what your job is. And also there are different laws, regulations protecting our citizens. But actually, in reality, some people don’t receive enough attention from families and other public associations, centers that are lead for women which suffer of violence. Some women, they kept silence even when some terrible violence happened to them, but some others did not, they used their rights to give lessons and be an example for people, underlining that women also need to be respected in any case and situation. And we all are encouraged to do so!Vicolocorto_Violence against women

From our point of view, keeping silent means dying, every woman should raise her voice and ask for help and advice, in order to have justice and equality. It’s a fundamental right for all women. As one lady from The Provincial Antiviolence Center “Parla Con Noi” stated: “Justice for women that have been abused or murdered, justice for those who are now starting their path against violence,  justice for the idea for every child, adolescent, friend, woman to live without violence and abuse.”Vicolocorto_violence against women

We went to an exhibition called “ M’AMA NON M’AMA”, which was run by a group of college & university boys and girls aged from 18 to 25 from Pesaro, who came up with the idea of raising awareness about women rights or to be more precise, violence against women in our society nowadays. They tried to do this by showing photos, articles, videos and particularly a real story of a woman, who was an acid attack victim from Pesaro, that caught the attention of all people there. They went through a long way from the beginning until now to make this exhibition possible; it took them lots of time to work on this project since they all still are students and they have to balance their time between school and project. With all the efforts they put on this, they are now all satisfied by seeing how people were coming and showing their enthusiasm about the exhibition.

Vicolocorto_Women's rights

When asked about the engagement into this kind of “giant” topic, they said “Even though we were born in an equal society, there have been more and more cases of violence and abuse with huge number of victims, who mostly are women, shown on newspapers or public media recently. The most important one was the case of a woman named Lucia, who is from our same city, that inspired us to do this project.”

Later on, we had the chance to participate to a flashmob, which took place in the main square of Pesaro (Piazza del Popolo), also on the theme of raising awareness about protecting women which are suffering of gender inequality.

The flashmob, called “ One Billion Rising For Justice”, is held on the 14th of February each year since last year and it was extremely successful by involving 1 billion people in 207 countries. All these actions had the purpose of demanding the end of violence against women and girls around the world.

Vicolocorto_Women's rights

The event was organized in Pesaro by the Provincial Antiviolence Center “Parla Con Noi” (Talk With Us) and was administered by the Province of Pesaro and Urbino with the Social Cooperative “Labirinto” and the Association “Percorso Donna” with the purpose of informing and sensitizing people in the need of promoting cultural changes which are fundamental to fight against violence among genders. The lyrics of the song “Break the chain”, the song used in the flashmob event, tries to involve more and more people and says what needs to be conveyed to everyone in order to have more possibilities for this urgent issue to reach and provoke people all around. That people who still think genders violence is not their own business and ignore it somehow. Simona, one of the organizers of this event said: “What we would like to achieve here is that women will become more aware of their existence in the society. There will always be people who will listen, support and provide them a proper way to avoid or prevent the violence that may happen to them cause of religious believes, customs and so on. In addition to this, the aim of the event is also to make people recognize that violence is not just one’s business anymore, but of the whole society and violence is not only about physical attack but also about mental attack, which is as worse as the physical one. According to some researches, 3 out of 10 women have suffered violence and it is really a big alarm for us, it is happening among us, therefore we all have to be responsible for this”.Vicolocorto_violence against women

The event went successfully as expected since lots of people had come and participated in the flashmob including men, women and also children of all ages.

We also did short interviews to some participants, people who were in the main square and attended the event.

  • How did you know about this activity?

-Through the internet. We know the association that was promoting the event and checked on internet.

  • How do you feel about this issue (violence against women)?

– We watched the TV and we saw violence against women everyday in the news. So, it is important to be present in this event.

– We have to respect our value as women. This event respects this value.

– I know real stories of violence: some close friends, even my sister.

– The issue is not just about physical violence. This is about different kinds of violence that all women suffer. Also the psychological violence .

  • What can you do to solve this problem?

– Get conscious of the problem.

– Try to educate children to respect the women.

— a group of women who are mothers, teachers —

They are aware of their rights, take actions to not only protect themselves but also to others.

And for us, to be a part of this meaningful event was wonderful, we acknowledged more about the issue and somehow raised our voices to help protecting all women out there who are suffering genders unfair, inequality which should never ever be existing in our society any longer. We don’t really believe this problem can be solved quickly, especially when more and more people notice about this issue. Start asking for the changes: the more attention will be paid into our vulnerable women really soon and changes will be made!

Vicolocorto_Women's rights

~ group of reporters ~

And what about you?? Are you ready to take actions to help others?? Or just to protect your own rights??Let us know ^-^

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