Another day at a youth center

Going outdoor, instead of spending office hours in the orange office as usual, we spent the very first day afternoon of Spring in a very special place, gathering lots of youth atmosphere, a youth center called TRISONTE which is located in center of Villa Fastiggi.

The purpose was to make a video showing daily youth activities in a youth center in order to prepare for the program that a group of Vicolocorto volunteers will take part in, and will be taken place in Spain at the beginning of April.

What impressed us at first glance was that the center was decorated in a very attractive way, starting with the wall right from the entrance, to the wall along the stairways leading to the main room and also all over the main room were totally covered with colourful pictures, slogans, timelines from years ago till the present time.

Not just that, the center is also equipped with all necessary materials, recreational games for studying and also entertaining. Especially, for us (enough to be considered as adults) still were attracted to those THINGS: table tennis, table football or educational games with the kids (called word guessing game or board game) also brought back a lot of our childhood’s memories since they had also the game that we all played when we were about 7 or 8 years old.

Trang 1

Trang 2

Practice drawing skills, activate creativity of making things by shaping the clay, describe words by actions within given time (using sandclock).

The children looked so happy to see each other, they had fun and really enjoyed all the activities also not to forget to include the “doing homeworks” activity there :D:D:D

The sudden invasion of strangers “us” might bring a little bit of uncomfortable atmosphere to the children at the center at the beginning but later on, we all joined in and had so much fun together even though there was obviously an obstacle of language barrier.

But I mean, games don’t really really need much of communication with words. ^^

Of course we did not forget our purpose of coming here, to make a video, we had an interview with some kids and also with those who are responsible for the center.

Trang 3

They were so comfortable and excited to answer questions from Giulio and Bianca, our local volunteers, and also very much enjoyed the fact that they are being filmed around ^.^


It was sad that we just stayed there for short of time, we enjoyed playing together but we didn’t know each other much. But we will come back someday, or maybe will have more frequent “meetings” there since our Miss President told us later that she will consider to let us come and have activities with them more often. And of course for more interaction and communication with youth, obtain the main aim of our association 😀



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