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BEHIND THE YOUTH WORK – Austria, 3 – 10 July 2014

The morning is never glorious in this projects because, after a day full of activities, the evening is the moment when people start to know each other better and enjoy the time together. This is also a way to interact with other culture! But morning suddenly comes and knocks to your door, and if you are a big 32-years’ old guy with the brain of a teenager and the physique of a retired man, you have to pay the bill somehow. In fact I woke up with fever! But, you know, I’m such an hard worker… so I simply went to the seminar room and started my reporting work.

The morning was entirely dedicated to the concept of “inclusion”. There were three questions to answer: whom should be included; how to include; why to include.
Three groups worked in such an artistic way acting like they were movie stars!  Each one had to choose two target groups of people with fewer opportunities to include in their organization, and then they put up a short show based on the topic.
I asked Nadine and Ayitukui from French Guyane about the sketch they presented:

Behind the youth work Seminar July 2014

“It was cool for both of us to be part of our groups. We felt well integrated and we could exchange a lot with people. At the beginning of the interpretation we felt anxious but after a while we simply followed the flow and it went good. We liked these kind of activities because they are not boring and make people well understand the point, we think we’ll use it in our organization in Guyana”.

Ina, from Bulgaria, reflected on the group dynamic

Behind the youth work Seminar July 2014
“ While I was observing the group, I had the impression that someone wanted to be leader too hard and other people at the contrary were not so active.
So this was good for me to reflect on what I want to be.
I discovered that what I like is to be in the middle. I think my negotiation skills were tested.

By the way, I liked the program of the day because it was interactive and people were involved”.

Later on, we focused our attention on “why” including  the people we selected as the target group. We used the no-word conversation method, basically based on creating an active debate writing questions or answers on the flipcharts positioned in various corners of the room. The idea was to write down your point of view, walking randomly to another flipchart where other people’s prospective is written, catch up some new input and develop it. I think it was a profitable process that brought the participants to meditate on a many of the issues related to the topic of the session.

Behind the youth work Seminar July 2014
After lunch, everybody had the opportunity to enjoy the wonderful weather and the location for a couple of hours and I think it was very appreciated. In the meanwhile I was in my room trying to recover from my miserable condition and, surprisingly, it worked! By the way, the afternoon’s activities involved deeper the participants as they spoke about some of the best practises they use in their organizations. For that reason I had a conversation with Laura from Romania:

Behind the youth work Seminar July 2014

“I started my presentation showing our blog that is a tool we use to illustrate projects and activities, searching for participants and to let our volunteers interact with the world. The aim is to involve people that are not working or studying in the youth centre. I also presented the project “Bridges to Knowledge” concerning abused and abandoned kids and showed how we organize ourselves and our activities through facebook or using free on-line courses because in Romania we haven’t professional figures in this field. Personally I felt satisfied because I think I got the attention of the audience and in the other hand I also liked to present what we do because sharing competences and practises is nice and useful. “

That was how we ended the daily session, then it was time for resting, chilling out and even sauna!!!
After dinner according to the program we had the movie night based on some short reportages about people with fewer opportunities. We saw some videos concerning some successfull projects and the point of view of disabled people or the life conditions of some poor areas of Europe.
Among all I would like to mention: Ruckenwind project designed by an Austrian youth worker and developed in a EVS activity in England; the documentary about Roma poeple and the poor conditions and apparently hopeless future of the citizens living in those communities; a short but meaningful movie based on the physical disability made by Slovenian people.
After a very intense day and two hours of videos, even if interested, everybody was tired and there was not a lot of time for random chatting. Beds were calling… And mine was screaming very loud!!!


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