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BEHIND THE YOUTH WORK – Austria, 3 – 10 July 2014

This morning everybody seemed so full of energy. Maybe a reason could be that the previous night I saw many people giving up and  just going to sleep… I also think it was because of the activities that helped a lot to move, interact and gain energy from each other. The participants worked in groups arranging themselves in a way as to to represent like freeze-frames and everybody seemed to have a lot of fun. There was a good level of cooperation and I think the aim to include everybody working as a team was well respected.

Behind the youth work Seminar July 2014

After the group representation, the further activity required to employ the brain a little bit more. Our abilities in performing and improvising were tested by the forum theatre that, like our Italian friend Lorenzo, explain is:

Behind the youth work Seminar July 2014

“Basically you have to put up on the stage a situation where there is a problem and you have to find out how to solve it. There was a previous consultation with my group so we had the chance to debate on the possible solutions.  Our target group was the youngsters that live in a place under the pressure of religious institutions. We tried to find some solutions to involve them in a youth centre but we had not too much time, so the challenge was to think and cooperate quickly. Once put it up, the audience could interact creating new problems or find alternative solutions… It was very interesting having to think and operate concretely instead of speaking about the theory”

I was enjoying and taking some pictures of both sketches (the other group presented an improvised sketch having as a target group those people who have no work, don’t study and have no kind of employment in life) and I think the groups did them very well.

The afternoon was focused on the concept of “disability”. Some members of the hosting association played a role in a sketch they created to show the issues related to disability in real life. How it works in general and how it should work to make people have equal opportunity and to let them be independent. The play was interpreted in funny way even if the problem is very serious and far away feom being solved even if, as they explained us, a lot of steps forward have been done so far. Afterwards, the association gave us some proper and practical data about the reality all over the country and in Europe.
The participants listened to this theoretical part with attention and later they became protagonists again through a group-work, calling them  to invent a game everybody could play. Then, they had to introduce it to the rest of the group inviting people to try it for a little time.

What was the purpose of it?

Like in the morning’s activity, the aim was to make people cooperate and find out new solutions for new problems… or old solutions for new problems… well, the problem solving process is a mix of competences & instant creativity, where the first is not enough without the second and vice versa.

I chatted a little bit with Nastija from Slovenia about the activities of the day:

Behind the youth work Seminar July 2014

“I really enjoyed them! It was good the idea to speak about some topics through some acting.In the afternoon I mostly appreciated our work as a group. We presented a game with the aim to let people understand how easy it is to find something in common with everybody. And I was also affected by it because in every group I joined in these days, I felt that people wanted me in there and there was a lot of willingness to cooperate”.

Later, we spent some good time having dinner all together and chatting and singing around a good fire, while some of us were playing the guitar. It was another wonderful night under Deutschlandberg’s sky. Even I sang some songs! And nobody ran away… it definitely means INCLUSION!


Behind the youth work Seminar July 2014

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