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Zoe Microfestival

Daily Report

Dear Pesaresi,

Let me start by introducing myself. My name is Shawita and I came all the way from the Netherlands to Pesaro to do a 9 month EVS project at Vicolocorto. In my first week I already got to see two amazing festivals, Popsophia and ZOE Microfestival. I will share a few of my experiences of the last festival mentioned.

ZOE Microfestival, a music and art festival initiated by Zoe Association that takes place every year. This year the theme of the festival is ‘Orto’, which means ‘garden’. With this theme Zoe Association wants to give the people of Pesaro two messages.

The first message is related to the location of the festival, Orti Giuli. Orti Giuli is a beautiful garden and is one of the oldest ones in Pesaro. However it hasn’t been given much appreciation. The garden is neglegted and is closed during the year. Zoe Association wants to give Orti Giuli new life, by showing Pesaro that apart from the beauty of it , the garden also has a great value for the community, as it is a good place to host festivals or to go to if you just want to have some peace and quiet.

The second message is related to the philosophical meaning of a garden. A garden provides room for all sorts of fruits and vegetables. It doesn’t discriminate and teaches us that even though there are many differences, in nature every specie can live in harmony and peace with each other.

The first day of Zoe Micofestival
It’s raining!! Unfortunately all the music performances had to be cancelled, but there was an inspiring art exhibition that included the work of many young local artists, each with their own unique style and message.

The Twin Towers: never get arrogant about your strength!
The first piece of art I saw was an computer graphic of the attacks on the Twin Towers in New York. As we all know, these towers were the symbol of the prestige, wealth and strenght of the United States. New York was very proud of these buildings. After the 9/11 attacks the buildings collapsed. It showes that even though something can look very great and strong, the distruction of it is always possible. The message that the artist wants to give is that you shouldn’t be arrogant about your strenghts. Stay humble and realistic, because you never know what might happen in the future.

Vicolocorto "Zoe Microfestival" July 2014 Pesaro

Butterflies and airballoons: both insecurities and strenghts are part of life
The second piece of art was a beautiful illustration of a girl looking at butterflies and air balloons. Both are in the air, but one (the butterfly) is fragile and the other (the air balloon) is very strong. With this illustration the artist wanted to share her experience of sometimes feeling very fragile and sometimes very strong. In another illustration a girl is balancing on a thread. Here the artist wants to show the search of a new balance between feeling fragile and believing in your strengths. She realises that insecurities can be overcome.

Vicolocorto "Zoe Microfestival" July 2014 Pesaro

The contrast of young and old
Another inspiring painting was of an artist that drew a picture of an old man and a child. It has such a great contrast. On one side there is the maturity and life experience of the elderly and on the other side there is the playfulness, spontaneity and curiousity of children. Both are truthful and sincere in every way, which makes them, despite their differences, very beautiful. Like the philosophy of the garden; there is room for everything and the differences are what makes it beautiful.

Vicolocorto "Zoe Microfestival" July 2014 Pesaro

Don’t forget the sacrifices of your ancestors
We often tend to be ignorant about important parts of the history of our own city. In daily life we pass by monuments that are prominently stated on squares and streets, but don’t always realise or have maybe even forgotten the kind of value it has. One of the artist took the initiative to remind us about of a part of history that lays in the village of Osteria Nuova. He painted the bunker that was used in World War 2, which was an important central point in Italy. He wants to remind his village about it’s identity. A place that was once like hell, is now a peacefull village where people can live in happiness.

Vicolocorto "Zoe Microfestival" July 2014 Pesaro

The dynamics of women
A photographer inspired by Neuton presented three pictures: a model, a femme fatale and a dominant wife. Women, as tender and caring as they seem, can have so many different styles. As models, they can be true and fake. As femme fatales, they can be beautiful and dangerous. As dominant wifes, they can be loving and bossy. But then again, to men women are always a riddle!

Vicolocorto "Zoe Microfestival" July 2014 Pesaro

Orti Giuli: like a beautiful women that no one appreciates
One of the most touching pieces of art were some pictures of a beautiful woman with an expression full of sadness and emptyness. The woman represents Costanza Monti Perticare, who is the wife of  the man the garden is named after. Through these pictures the artist wants to represent the current state of the garden Orti Giuli. In every way it is beautiful, but not appreciated as it deserves to be. Therefore, Costanza is sad. Her husband is not being appreciated and she as a beautiful women relates herself to the garden. A gorgious place that is also full of sadness and emptyness.

 Vicolocorto "Zoe Micorfestival" July 2014 Pesaro

There is a lot of art and inspiration in the festival and in Pesaro in general. Despite the rain, the ambiance is very nice. It’s a nice place to rediscover yourself!


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