Eventi locali / Local events

Zoe Microfestival


What a beautiful and inspiring evening it was! Just the ambiance alone was incredibly spirited. Because the weather was much better than the first day there was a lot more to see and to do. There was good music and great artwork. Besides that there were many information stands.

The good music: diversity rules!

Zoe Associaton built four stages, each with their own theme. The main stage contained rock music, the temple stage contained mostly pop music, on the busker stage mostly accoustic sounds were played and on the cinema stage diverse music performances were held.

While walking from each stage to the other you could feel the mood changing. From the toughness of rock, to the up beat music of pop, to the simplicity of acoustics and finally the fascination of musical and cultural diversity. In their own way each element managed to lure you and give you new energy. Like different vegetables in a garden, the garden of Orti Giuli felt like it harvested diversity and richness in music and art.

The great artwork: it’s all about perspective

On the second day, more artists showed their creations. Lorenzo Marinucci, a local artist, drew four illustrations with a fineliner. To me the illustrations seemed a bit strange. The style was very unfamiliar. However a friend of mine found it to be very nice and attractive.

When we asked Lorenzo about the idea behind the illustrations he said:

‘My purpose is not to have just one interpretation of  these illustrations. I want to see how people, according to their own personality, judge them. That way, the illustration teaches you a bit more about yourself and your perspective’.

Vicolocorto "Zoe Microfestival" July 2014 Pesaro

Giovanni Cecarelli, a teacher with a passion for photography, showed his pictures of his trip to Palestina and Israel. He wanted to show the contrast between life in the war zone and the daily life of Israeli and Palestanian people. One perspective indicated the love and caring they have and the other one stressed the agression of the war.

Vicolocorto "Zoe Microfestival" July 2014 Pesaro
Apart from the two dimensional art, there was also art that was  five dimensional. One of the most interesting ones was ‘the dream machine’, a cilinder with holes and a bulb inside placed on a record player. To understand the concept of it you had to look at it from upclose with your eyes closed. Beautiful abstract shapes appeared, just like in a dream.

  Vicolocorto "Zoe Microfestival" July 2014 Pesaro

The information stands: be environment friendly

Besides art and music, Zoe Microfestival also aims to create awareness about the health of the environment and society overall. One information stand gave a very good reflection of this aim.

The name of the organization is Orto Bio Orto Tuo. They grow biological products and at the same time work with psychological disabled people. Through gardening they help them to overcome their problems and get a balance in their state of mind. They are active for three years and have seen significant improvement in the healing process of the people they work with. The beauty of this organization is that they show that being environment friendly helps people in more ways than we most of the time imagine.

  Vicolocorto "Zoe Microfestival" July 2014 Pesaro

There is so much to see at the festival, so many ideas and perspectives. If you want to do something fun, inspiring and refreshing..

..Zoe Microfestival is the place to be!


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