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Zoe Microfestival

Ciao a tutti!

My name is Vanessa, I’m from Portugal and I am living in Pesaro since February. Why am I here?
I’m here because I applied for a thing called European Voluntary Service , sponsored by the European Commission and part of the Youth in Action Program. This program gives the opportunity to European youngsters to go abroad  and collaborate with local associations. So here I am working for a local association called Vicolocorto.
And the work porposal of this week is being truely motivating and inspiring because… We are in ZOE Microfestival!

Beside promoting our association and all the available projects , we are also making a daily Press Review of the Festival, as you may have noticed with the article posted yesterday made by our new volunteer from Holland, Shawita.

After two terrible days of rain, yesterday the sun decided luckly to shine in Pesaro. Due to this, Zoe was finally  running as planned and all the expected shows happened with no changes. Orti Giulii were full of enthusiastic people and charged with a special energy. Let’s hope that it happens today as well. (Please rain, don’t come!)

Many shows were happening at the same time so it  was impossible to cover all of them. So, I had to concentrate in two of them. The choice was made considering that they were projects in the secondary stages and undertaken by inhabitants of Pesaro. In the end of each one I was able to talk with the performers and  make some questions about their projects. Here it goes what I  collected!

The Dynamites & The White Suspenders –  Palco Tempietto (around 10:00 p.m.)

The band is composed by six musicians from Pesaro. Three vocalists – the dynamits – wearing funny colorful dresses inspired by the American pin-ups style. Three instrumentists – the white suspenders – a guitarrist, an electric bassist and a drummer wearing classic black trousers and shirts complemented with stylish white suspenders.
The music, as the outfits, transports you to the America of the fifties. Swing and boogie-woogie songs giving to anyone an unsettling desire to dance with a smile on the face. The music itself as well as the humorous presence of the vocalists makes entire show very pleasant.

The Interview

V: How was the concert for you?
TD&TWS: Bello, Bellíssimo! For me a little bit painful (says one of the vocalists, laughs). Was really nice in general, was many people listening and enjoying it.

V: Is really nice the way you are dressing, it remembers me the three fairies of Sleeping Beauty tale! Each one in the different colours (laughs)
TD&TWS: Yes , true, true, the colors are exactly the same! I am the fat one!(says one of the vocalists)I am the nasty one!  (says other) And I am the other one! (says the last one)

V: When this project started?
TD&TWS: October 2012. So it is already two years. Always with the same musicians. We started with the three voices structuring the repertoir and then we got togheter with our talented musicians, Andrea, Alice and Luca, that supported us in the adventure to form The Dynamites & The White Suspenders.

V: How did you choose the name for the band?
TD&TWS: Oh, this is a long story. Was a big stuggle between many and different names but finally we decide about the Dynamites part. Then the first name was The Dynamites and the White Ties and they were using also white ties. After a while we discovered that there was already a band called the White Ties and we feared for our legal integrity. So we choose the suspenders instead of the ties.

V: The songs you play are not original themes, they’re all jazz standarts or covers of other bands. Did you inpire yourselves in something that you already knew?
TD&TWS: Yes, it was inspired in Andrew Sisters, a  famous vocal trio of girls from the 50’s. The objective is to repropose the music of the 50’s swing boogie and also pick up songs of the modern pop scene, like seven nation army of White Stripes and tranform according to  this aesthetic. It´s a creative and motivating work.

V: Orignal songs?Your next steps?
TD&TWS: Until now we don´t have any original. For now our objective is to play songs from others, be on the road in festivals of swing and then later, of course, we think about creating our own original pieces.

V: Your main objective with this project?
TD&TWS: Definitely make people dance and have fun!

     Vicolocorto "Zoe Microfestival" July 2014 Pesaro

Age of Garbage & Walker the Wizard – Palco Cinema  (around Midnight)

While I was walking through the exhibitions in the garden I started to ear some percurssion coming from upstairs. The auditive curiosity took me near to  the Cinema Stage were was happening this peculiar percussion perfomance with plastic trash containers, glass bottles and some other materials accompanied by a malabarist playing with lightning balls and fire balls. A kind of a ritualist show performed by 5 talented guys.

The Interview

V: How was the show for you?
AG&WW:  Above all, it was warm. This specific performance was new, we constructed recently and we are really happy that the audience reacted positively.

V: What is the concept of the project?
AG&WW: The main idea of the group is to make music from recycled materials, some materials that for most part of the people is garbage for us are working instruments.  Also the idea is to make shows on the road, as street performers.

V: When did you started the project?
AG&WW: One year ago with this same members. We met trough a web of friends and musicians. There were already some individual projects more or less quit , and we decided to get together. Also some of us were connected to an association that works with fire artists and with decided that makes sence add it to the performance. We think that the product works well like this.

V: Did you inpire yourselves in something that you already knew? Like STOMP, is the first name that pops in my mind.
AG&WW: Of course. Definitely we didn´t invent nothing new. And also they are  definitely more talented than us (laughs) But for us is really important the message we want to deliever. The message comes from a metaphor that is (if you give me permission): “Pull gold out  from shit”. It´s a message that fits really well our lives in this moment, this generation. In this moment of decandence in wich we live it seems fair try to create some positive energy of nothing to make things better.

     Vicolocorto "Zoe Microfestival" July 2014 Pesaro

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