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Zoe Microfestival


Fortunately the  meteorology made a mistake and the gods played on our side. No rain at all.  A second wonderful night of Zoe for everyone.
At 21:00, even if any concert was running, people started to get together in different spots of Orti Giulii. Between art expositions, stands promoting diverse projects of  the Marche region, the biggest concentration of people was in the food spot between Palco Cinema and Palco Grande, where nothing was running yet. Groups of friends enjoying the traditional Piadinas  of Orto Ghiotto made of bio and fair-trade products, as well as the delicious fried fish and ships cooked in Danny Fish.
Around 22:00 the shows were starting in all the stages. We stopped  at Palco Cinema to watch a theater performance from  Teatro Verderame collective – Timballo d’imballaggi.

‘Timballo d’imballaggi’ means ‘Timbale of Packaging’. The play showed that our food starts to contain more and more products that come out of a package and are full of chemicals. Partially because of the supermarkets and the consumerism culture we live in, we eat ready-made food and, for example, do not take the time to bake our own bread. Besides that, the food that we consume is from an ethical point of view not always produced in an honest way. Verderame wants to create awareness about these issues. They want to stimulate people to buy fair trade and organic products and to consume freshly made meals.

Vicolocorto "Zoe Microfestival" July 2014 Pesaro

Language exchange –  intercultural meetings in Pesaro
Even though Pesaro is a typical Italian city, there is a lot of interest for foreign people. Language Exchange, run by a small group, is started by two people who wanted to stimulate intercultural meeting in a spontaneous and playful way. Because of their personal experience they understand how difficult it can be for students and employees that come from abroad to integrate in their new environment. Language exchange is a nice place to meet new people, make friends and learn several languages. Through weekly informal meetings, games and excursions the participants spontaneously learn each other’s language and get to know the city of Pesaro.

At Zoe Microfestival, Language Exchange, promoted the value of knowing a foreign language and the language of the country you live in. At their stand, people could play the games that are usually played during their weekly meetings. One of the games was a Question & Answer competition, where you had to answer as much question correctly in order to beat your contestant. I have to say that some questions were quite tough, such as: How many more women than man are there in Russia? Despite not knowing the answer, through the game you can bond with each other and learn more about Russia. It’s never really about winning, it’s the learning experience that counts!

Vicolocorto "Zoe Microfestival" July 2014 Pesaro
Photo Exposition – Clown therapy in disadvantaged contexts
Near to the entrance, in a hidden location between trees, you can find a half-ruined house made of brick stones. When you look inside, you can see a collection of photos, some attached to the walls, some hanged up looking like floating objects on space. Also hanged up were some red little balls, of which after  2 seconds you realize them to be clown noses. Behind the suspended photos and noses stands a decadent background scene. A spot once inhabited by a homeless. Old stuff, garbage, a destroyed matress, a really dirty mess.
At first sight, it can seem as a concentration of disorganized information. But once  you talk with one of the photographers and you look attentively to the content of the photos,  everything gains a logical shape.
Three collections that show the outcomes of the same social project. A project that proposed to take the joy of clown therapy into disadvantaged contexts in different countries. Unfortunately we could just talk with Luca della Martera, one of the collaborators.
Here it goes the result of the interview, in which we can get a deeper understanding of the aim of this inspiring work made by pesaresi people. Also we get to know a little bit of Luca´s personal work.

Vicolocorto "Zoe Microfestival" July 2014 Pesaro

The Interview

V: All the work exposed here is part of one big project in which you took part. Describes us a bit of it and explain us how did you joined the project?
Luca: So, all this work is part of an association called T’immagini Onlus that works with clown therapy and this association asked me to go with them in Romania to collaborate with other association called Parada that works with the children and youngsters that live inside the sewers ( a kind of a bunker) in the underground.

So I was invited to take the pictures of the clown therapy inside this hidden community. These people live in a particular situation because they don´t have a family or any support from the state. They live in decadent scene in the middle of rubbish  and also they have problems with drugs. So T ‘immagini Onlus and Parada went inside to make a circus show to bring some joy to this place.
Inside we found an impressive and shocking situation. Around one thousand people living there, people between 7 years old and 30 years old. They were living this underground pit mostly during the winter. The place was chosen because they have a kind of a central heating provided by water pipes through which the hot water passes to reach into people’s houses.

T’Immagini had also other projects (also presented in the photo exposition but in which I was not present). One, the first experience, was in a Brazilian rocinha (inside of a favela). They we´re inside more or less one month teaching the clown art to the children. There, the work was really easy because the children were friendly and open to them. Another one was runtin Marrakesh, Morocco, also in a difficult context.

V: What personal projects have you done before?
Luca: I had a project about wrestlers, made one here ago when I was in Mexico city. The aim of my work was not to photograph the wrestling show but specifically catch the personal life of the wrestlers. And know I have some future plans in Bolivia and maybe in Japan.

V: How did you decide to do this project in Mexico?
Luca: I decided to go to Mexico because I have a friend there I wanted to visit. In the beginning I didn´t have any project, but before leaving, I researched stuff in Google and I discovered the world of the wrestlers. The idea started before but I just got to know this world really well when I was already there.  It was a nice experience. First I had to find a gym where the wrestlers were practicing that would give me the permission to take the pictures. Was not so easy, I just reached to go inside in the third place I gave a try. And then the second step, was asking to go inside the house of the guys and photograph their private personal life. In the process I discovered that wrestling was a secondary occupation (like  a hobby), most part of them had a main job. For example one of them was a taxi driver. Was really interesting.

Shawita and Vanessa

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