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Zoe Microfestival


The final day of Zoe Festival, a nice moment to look back at how the festival overall has been. In my opinion it was very successful. Pesaro is full of young upcoming talent and good local initiatives. In these six days I got a lot of inspiration and new insights. I heard different styles of music and got to learn more about art and the perspective of the artist behind their work. After six days, even though I feel tired, I also feel like I have new energy and I am very content and inspired.

The beauty of the festival was that Zoe managed to combine having fun with noble causes, i.e. to preserve and value our environment and the location of Orti Giulii. This weekend was an example of what Orti Giulii could mean to Pesaro. The location was incredible and contributed so much to the spirited ambiance of the festival. As regards to the environment, everything at Zoe Microfestival, from the food to the equipment, was environment friendly and biological, and by no means did it negatively effect the fun aspect of the festival.


Zero Crossing

This last day of Zoe was basically the restitution of Wednesday´s night- the Zero Crossing Night. Mainly were concerts of the students of this school of jazz and modern music– Zero Crossing – spread all over the Orto. Between this performances of rock, pop and jazz we stopped in to see nice jazz performance and managed to get an interview with the members of the band.

Aleph quartet
Starting around 21:30 p.m. in Palco Tempieto we found this quartet – Aleph – playing a nice and hearty jazz repertoire. They played some famous jazz standards as ‘Footprints’ from Wayne Shorter, ‘Evidence’ and ‘Round about Midnight’ from Thelenious Monk and passed through ‘Insensatez’, a bossanova theme from Tom Jobim. In the final stretch Aleph surprised us with two original songs composed by Luca Mancini (the guitarist). Two compositions in a more modern style, with some rockish flavor.

Vicolocorto "Zoe Microfestival" July 2014 Pesaro

V: How was the concert for you?
A: Good! The place is very nice and we had some audience. Was warm. We made a lot of mistakes, we know that we have a lot of things to improve but even with the mistakes it was a pleasant experience.
V: The name of the band is Aleph quartet. What does it mean?
A: Aleph is the first letter of the Hebraic alphabet. But we also choose this name in reference to a tale of the writer Jorge Luis Borges in which Aleph refers to a point that includes all the points of the universe, therefore representing the infinite.
V: What are the major inspirations you?
A guitarrist: for me, Eric Dolphy and the great guitarist Jim Hall. As inspiration for the new composition a little bit of Aaron Parks.
A bassist: Jaco Pastorius, the best bassist in the world, and the band of progressive rock King Crimson.
A drummer: There are too much. I can´t say a name. I don´t have much jazz background, I came from the rock world. I listen to the jazz classics but in the future I have to learn more of the jazz language.
A saxophist: I like all jazz, but specially hard bop, and jazz from the 50’s in general. But to say a name is very difficult…

V: How did you start playing together?
A: We started two years ago as a duo of guitar and bass. Then, Giovanni (the saxophonist) joined the group and finally, one year later, Davide (the drummer). So, as a quartet we have more or less one year. This year was the necessary time to rehearse and start to do live performances.

V: Future projects? You just have two originals for now, are you planning have  all repertoire of originals?
A: Yes we have two and a new one is coming out. It´s already composed but we have to rehearse. We want to continue to play also the jazz standards. I think the repertoire it will also depend the place we are going to make the concert. If we play at bars or restaurants we will play mostly standards. If we play in festivals etc, we´ll play the originals. We hope one day to play just originals!

A magical and inspiring week – a personal feedback of Zoe
Even if, as Shawita also mentioned, I am feeling really tired, the reward was worth it. In my opinion, like the original meaning of the word in ancient Greek, ZOE was LIFE. Life in the most diverse and creative way. All kinds of arts and innovative projects coexisted harmoniously for six days. A cycle that fed the soul of many people and the heart of the city.
Zoe meant also life to Orti Giulii, that during all the year is half abandoned, but had an opportunity to be useful during this 6 days and, more than useful, a spot for cultural creation and recreation.
A special thanks to the organizers, to all the volunteers working hard and to the Universe for bringing this magic event to me.


Vicolocorto "Zoe Microfestival" July 2014 Pesaro

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