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Zoe Microfestival, give life back to Orti Giulii

What is Zoe Microfestival?

Vicolocorto @ Zoe Microfestival July 2014 Pesaro

ZOE Microfestival, a music and art festival in Pesaro initiated by Zoe Association that takes place every year.

It was born in the Summer of 2000 to promote the young talents. The initiative arose from a culmination of meetings between young artists, associations and academies that began in 1999 and led to the desire to arrange a time where the expression of the different art forms could live together in a single container designed by artists themselves.

Zoe involve youngsters from all over Italy and it creates a network that, in addition to the festival, organizes and promotes events that take place throughout the year. From 2007 edition alongside with the promotion of the arts, shows and exhibitions are value-added aspects such as: the choice of organic, local and fair-trade in the dining areas; support for environmental organizations and charities; the low environmental impact and recycling.

In 2012, the festival enters the project Garten, sponsored by the town of Pesaro, recognized as the first project in Italy by the Department of Youth and the Council of Ministers within the program Youth Creativity.

 Zoe – the concept of this year

This year the theme of the festival is ‘Orto’, which means ‘garden’. With this theme Zoe Association wants to give the people of Pesaro two messages.

The first message is related to the location of the festival, Orti Giulii. Orti Giulii is a beautiful garden and is one of the oldest ones in Pesaro. However it hasn’t been given much appreciation. The garden is neglegted and is closed during the year. Zoe Association wants to give Orti Giulii new life, by showing Pesaro that apart from the beauty of it , the garden also has a great value for the community, as it is a good place to host festivals or to go to if you just want to have some peace and quiet.

The second message is related to the philosophical meaning of a garden. A garden provides room for all sorts of fruits and vegetables. It doesn’t discriminate and teaches us that even though there are many differences, in nature every specie can live in harmony and peace with each other.

Vicolocorto @ Zoe Microfestival July 2014 Pesaro

Zoe 2014

After all this nights of different entertainment at Zoe is difficult to write a fair summary of all the events.

Zoe Association built four stages, each with their own theme. The main stage contained rock music, the temple stage contained mostly pop music, on the busker stage mostly acoustic sounds were played and on the cinema stage diverse music performances were held.

While walking from each stage to the other you could feel the mood changing. From the toughness of rock, to the up beat music of pop, to the simplicity of acoustics and finally the fascination of musical and cultural diversity. In their own way each element managed to lure you and give you new energy. Like different vegetables in a garden, the garden of Orti Giuli felt like it harvested diversity and richness in music and art.

Besides art and music, Zoe Microfestival also aims to create awareness about the health of the environment and society overall, as well as inspiring art exhibitions that included the work of many young local artists, each with their own unique style and message.

Vicolocorto at Zoe

As you all were able to notice in the previous blog posts, we wrote a daily report of the activities that were going on. Of course it was impossible to cover all the happenings of Zoe, even if we worked into two separate groups of reporters.

The team was composed by:

Alessandra and Carolina , located in a stand, giving the reporters some orientations to do the reports and, at the same time, doing the promotion of Vicolocorto and our respective international projects to the curious ones.

Me and Shawita – the international volunteers – along with Giulio and Matteo – the local volunteers. This team was split in two smaller teams, covering different events happening in the same moment. A special thanks to these two guys that helped us a lot translating (italian/english) the speeches of the interviewed.

The daily working steps were: going around in Orti Giulii, until we found anything that arouses our interest, observe it, and then interview the people involved. In all the situations we were truly welcomed by this people. All of them expressed a strong desire to share their projects with us, and were grateful that we wanted to write an article about them.

From our point of view was also very interesting and enriching to talk with the performers and responsible persons for other artistic projects and organizations spread all over the Orti. These conversations, always developed in a casual scope, gave to us and the readers a closed approach to the conceptual genesis of the projects . We were able to understand how they started, the primary ideas, the steps to develop it and the outcomes in the present.

Vicolocorto @ Zoe Microfestival July 2014 Pesaro

Final Report

Although there have been some problems, especially due to weather conditions that led to the cancellation of the first days of concerts, at the end the event was very successful. The canceled events were recovered in two extra days, turning the four days festival into six. Six days full of inspiration and new insights. Pesaro is full of young upcoming talents and good local initiatives.

The beauty of the festival was that Zoe managed to combine having fun with noble causes, i.e. to preserve and value our environment and the location of Orti Giulii. Was an example of what Orti Giulii could mean to Pesaro. The location was incredible and contributed so much to the spirited ambiance of the festival. As regards to the environment, everything at Zoe Microfestival, from the food to the equipment, was environment friendly and biological, and by no means did it negatively effect the fun aspect of the festival.

Like the original meaning of the word in ancient Greek, ZOE was LIFE. Life in the most diverse and creative way. All kinds of arts and innovative projects coexisted harmoniously for six days. A cycle that fed the soul of many people and the heart of the city.
Zoe meant also life to Orti Giulii, that during all the year is half abandoned, but had an opportunity to be useful during this 6 days and, more than useful, a spot for cultural creation and recreation.

In the night before the last one we also went around to collect opinions from the volunteers and from the public in general . What do people think about Zoe of this year ? How they would describe it? We used a single question to collect the feedback: “When I tell you ZOE what is the word that comes to your mind ?”, and the outcome was this wonderful tree that sums up what people think about Zoe.

Vicolocorto @ Zoe Microfestival July 2014 Pesaro

Shawita & Vanessa


ZOE MICROSVACCO – an occasion to meet and relax for everyone who made Zoe Microfestival happen!

Let me start by saying that I didn’t really make Zoe Microfestival happen (because I wasn’t here yet), but I got an invitation to the Microsvacco anyways 🙂
So, basically what happened was that everyone who worked at the festival could come to Monte Nerone, to a small village called Bacciardi (between Piobbico and Cagli) to the house of Andrea, who was one of the main organizers of the Microsvacco.
When we arrived, we found out that only a small group of 11 people all together had made it, but it turned out to be a really nice group!
At the beginning, we were sitting around and talking, playing cards and video games. Since it was raining all morning, we didn’t have the chance to do our barbecue outside, so instead we had it inside of Andrea’s house. After we ate, we continued playing cards and video games until finally the sun came out again. Everyone who wanted to could change into their swimsuit, and then we went to the river Candigliano to swim (only the brave ones…it was cold!), relax, talk and nap a little bit after the delicious lunch.
Unfortunately, it started to rain again after two hours, so we decided to leave our peaceful place by the river and go to have a coffee and sweets at a café nearby.
Afterwards, we returned to Andrea’s house, picked up our bags and then went to the scout house where we were going to spend the night. After taking a shower (again something for the brave ones – no hot water!) and putting on some warm clothes, we were ready for dinner.

Vicolocorto @ Zoe Microsvacco, 23-24 August, Pesaro

We ate in a beautiful little restaurant in Bacciardi named “Slowcanda”. I can truly recommend everyone to eat there one time, because it was honestly one of the best meals that I have ever had. They didn’t invent anything new; they just brought common recipes to perfection – yumm!!

After this awesome dinner, everyone was getting a little tired, but our energy was brought back to life when we met Penelope, a little fawn that was abandoned by its mother and lived with the family of Slowcanda. It was really cute, and everyone was amazed by it.

Vicolocorto @ Zoe Microsvacco, 23-24 August, Pesaro

When everyone was ready to leave, we went back to the scout house were we spend an interesting night on the floor, since the house didn’t have any beds yet. Besides that, we all slept well – maybe because of the fresh mountain air!
The next morning, we had new energy and were ready for breakfast, which we had around 10:30 in Piobbico in a little bistro. During breakfast we decided that we didn’t want to end this adventure yet, but go all the way up to Monte Nerone, to enjoy the amazing view and nature. So after eating, we went on the 30 minutes way to the top of the mountain.
What can I say, the view was stunning. Everything seemed so far away, it was like we were on top of the world. A really awesome experience.
Some of us wanted to explore the nature and went to see “Grotta dei Prosciutti”, while others just stayed on a blanket, lying in the sun for 2 hours.

Vicolocorto @ Zoe Microsvacco, 23-24 August, Pesaro

After the others came back from their tour, it was time to say good-bye. Laura, Alessandra, Vanessa and I went on our way back home, while the others stayed in a restaurant nearby and had lunch before going home.
All in all I can say that it was a really nice experience with really nice people, and I enjoyed this time a lot!

Vicolocorto @ Zoe Microsvacco, 23-24 August, Pesaro


Una serata alla Fiesta Globàl

Quanti di voi nell’ultimo week end di Luglio (Venerdì 25, Sabato 26 e Domenica 27) hanno avuto l’occasione di recarsi a Montefabbri, in provincia di Pesaro, per partecipare al festival FIESTA GLOBAL? Noi di Vicolocorto c’eravamo, e abbiamo visto, incontrato, vissuto e assaporato persone, musica, spettacoli, insomma situazioni degne di essere riportate; per tutti quelli che non vi hanno partecipato, proveremo a portarvi con noi direttamente sul luogo del festival.

Innanzitutto, occorre dire che FIESTA GLOBAL è un festival che nasce in seguito ad un progetto che si sta via via consolidando fra gli appuntamenti estivi del circondario pesarese, presentandosi essenzialmente con un ottimo biglietto da visita: un’atmosfera totalmente multiculturale, basata sulla ricerca e la presentazione delle più svariate forme artistiche.

Vicolocorto@ Fiesta Global July 2014 Montefabbri

Il progetto è ideato dall’associazione Tribaleggs e coadiuvato dall’impegno fisso e costante del Comune di Colbordolo; l’unione fa la forza, e questo ha dato, e da ancora, la possibilità al festival di aver visto questa estate sbocciare l’XI edizione.

Noi dell’associazione Vicolocorto ci siamo ritrovati, come i tanti che sono accorsi per l’evento, in mezzo alle vie ed alle piazzette dello splendido e suggestivo borgo di Montefabbri, in mezzo alle note delle band musicali, le svariate attività degli artisti di strada, le peripezie di giocolieri e burattinai e tanti ma tanti djset!

Il borgo apriva infatti le tre serate consecutive alle ore 18, e gli eventi proseguivano fino a tarda notte: un’ottima occasione per unire giovani, meno giovani, bambini, artisti, musicisti, pittori e chi più ne ha più ne metta in un unico borgo, per fate tanta festa e condividere tante tipologie diverse di prodotti culturali!!

Vicolocorto @ Fiesta Global July 2014 Montefabbri

Non manca un finale più che etico per raggiungere uno degli scopi del festival: parte degli introiti vengono destinati all’acquisto di materiale didattico e ludico per le scuole del territorio!

Insomma, divertimento, festa, arte, ma anche risultati concreti e tangibili all’interno del panorama locale dove questa bella iniziativa nasce e prende forma!!

Di seguito riportiamo i pensieri e le sensazioni di una volontaria locale della nostra associazione Vicolocorto, Griselda, per dimostrare attraverso le parole di una giovane cosa è realmente accaduto e che cosa si respirava a FIESTA GLOBAL!

Griselda così ci ha detto:

“Sono stata invitata da una mia amica, Laura dell’associazione Vicolocorto, all’evento FIESTA GLOBAL a Montefabbri, e sono rimasta molto colpita, sia per la manifestazione in sè che per il luogo.

Montefabbri è un piccolo borgo molto carino: sembra quasi di tornare indietro nel tempo attraversando le mura della città. La festa (ed il suo profumo da circo!) dava molto colore, e immergeva il borgo in una situazione fortemente multiculturale che sembrava dare gioia ad un intero paese!!

Mi è piaciuto molto il modo in cui erano organizzati gli spettacoli sparsi per il borgo, di modo che era possibile fare una passeggiata… e poi all’ improvviso dietro l’angolo si intravedevano musicisti, giocolieri, artisti più vari, che avevano il potere di avvolgere tutti in un mondo nuovo e gioioso; dal mio punto di vista mi sento di dire che ammiro molto i ragazzi dell’associazione Tribaleggs che hanno ideato questa bellissima festa, sono riusciti a creare un ambiente ricco di umanità e felicità, e sono riusciti a coinvolgere tutti, dai bambini ai nonni, il tutto coronato da tanto tanto divertimento.

Gli spettacoli erano vari, dall’illusionismo ai piccoli spettacoli di teatro e giocoleria; mi ha colpito molto il suono di uno strumento molto bello ed affascinante con cui mi sono approcciata durante la festa, l’handdrum! La serata era così ricca che anche per fare la fila alla toilette avevi la possibilità di divertirti con canti tradizionali, trascorrendo il tempo suonando e cantando. Oltre a tutto questo c’erano i piccoli mercatini artigianali molto suggestivi dove si poteva fare una pausa- shopping, sempre molto gradita!

Vicolocorto @ Fiesta Global July 2014 Montefabbri

La serata si è conclusa a ritmo latino, scatenandoci a suon di ballo e gustando e bevendo in compagnia di persone diverse e molto suggestive…che posto, si respirava un mix interessante di cultura ed amicizia!

Non posso non apprezzare l’evento ideato da questi ragazzi, li ammiro e spero che il loro cammino sia pieno di progetti e che si possano realizzare tutti.

Questa festa è una tappa estiva molto interessante e molto bella e sarò ben lieta di andarci anche l’anno prossimo. “

Vicolocorto @ Fiesta Global July 2014 Montefabbri

All’estate prossima allora!!