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Inclusive rights for social genders

Hi there! It’s Gian Marco and Paola here to talk and share a bit ’bout feelings, thoughts and perceptions during the seminar “Inclusive rights for social gender” held in Vrnjacka Banja, Serbia 21th-28th February, 2014.

We already participated to a training course with Vicolocorto in Germany last November: it was very cool! We went for it, mindful of the previous training course we shared together. We wanted to experience another project and deepen our knowledge about gender issues, so we decided to apply for this Seminar in Serbia.
The town in which we were hosted – Vrnjacka Banja – is located in the middle of the country, three hours from the capital Belgrade.
We were 25 participants from 10 different countries: Italy, Bulgaria, Serbia, Spain, Romania, Turkey, Macedonia, Albania, Croatia, Germany, and we were hosted by the Center for Support of Women.

Vicolocorto. International Seminar Feb 2014 Serbia

We worked together for 7 days long and we got the chance to increase our knowledge discussing about gender issues, its meaning in different countries and realities. It was a very fulfilling experience.

The whole training course was implemented through non-formal education methods. The aim of the project was to provide space and time for youth organizations working on gender issues, both in Programme Countries and South East Europe (SEE), in order to exchange examples of good practice. Gender-based discrimination, especially in the economic realm, remains one of the most salient problems in today’s Europe, particularly in the post-conflict region of the Western Balkans.
The project was therefore focused not only on the debate about the state of gender issues in different corners and economic realities of Europe, but also on future cooperation and young people’s involvement in the process of creating more gender-balanced societies.

We kicked in the project with the introductory session, where the participants got to know each other and were introduced to the whole training program. The following sessions were focused mainly on gender issues and entrepreneurship. The participants worked in groups through the whole seminar and there was a real good and relaxing working atmosphere.
We had the opportunity to explore citizen’s reality in Vrnjacka Banja and to interview some locals around. The participants also had the special chance to learn about Serbian culture and lifestyle by visiting Vrnjacka Banja on a free afternoon.

Vicolocorto International Seminar Feb 2014 SerbiaIt was a great experience and a special opportunity to learn more about participant countries, to increase our human networking and contacts: all the participants were really interested in this topic and we had a very good time together, discussing and deepening gender issues in a really constructive way.

Thanks Vicolocorto for this chance!

Gian Marco & Paola

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