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A morning at “E…state insieme!”

Ciao readers of Vicolocortini!
My name is Katharina, and I am the new volunteer at Vicolocorto. I come from Germany and I’m 19 years old. Like Vanessa and Shawita, I participate in the program “European Voluntary Service“ for the following 10 month.

Now why did I choose to come to Italy? First, because it’s a beautiful country with lots of history and arts, there is good food and many nice people. And second, because my grandmother comes from Italy and I want to improve my Italian 🙂

The first thing I learned here is that in August, the life in Pesaro is totally different from the life during the rest of the year. Everything is slowed down, many people are on vacations and things are not the way that they normally are. I really enjoy this slowed down life, but I’m also excited to experience what it will be like after Ferragosto, when everybody returns to the city and the normal daily life starts.

But now enough from me, I want to tell you a little bit about the project this article is about. Yesterday, Vanessa, Shawita, Quynh Anh (who is a Vietnamese jobshadower here for three weeks) and I went to visit a summer camp for children aged 3-14 in Pesaro. The Associazione L’abaco offers the project “E…State Insieme” all year round, and during vacations, they offer this special project in the morning for nine weeks. Everyday, the children meet, do some exercises, play games and work on creative projects. Today will be their last day at the summer camp, and they will end their time together with a big party.

When we arrived, the children started the day with a sportive “wake-up call”, where they stretched, danced and jumped around. The four of us didn’t know any of the dances, but we participated anyways and enjoyed the time.
Afterwards, it was time for some water games. The kids changed into their swim suits, were divided into 4 groups and several games took place, involving paddling pools and buckets of water. The kids really enjoyed it, the place was filled with laughter and screams.

After the children changed back into their normal clothes, they sang “Tanti auguri a te” for one of the children whose birthday it was, and also ate some cake.
A few minutes later, the free time started, where some played table soccer, others invented ball games and the rest was playing Monopoly or just exploring the nature.

Vicolocorto @E...state insieme! August 2014 Pesaro

The last activity for the day was the creative project. Every week, the children get another topic and spend time with creating an artistic piece. This week, they were working with shoeboxes, which they coloured and decorated with images, paintings, stones and paper. They were all very dedicated to their projects and enjoyed their time. During this, I had the chance to talk to Sara and Mattia, who were very patient with me and answered my questions about their summer camp:

K: Ti piace essere al centro “E…State Insieme!”?
S: Si, mi piace

K: Che cosa fate durante le giornate?
S: Facciamo dei giochi d’acqua, abbiamo il tempo libero e c’è il laboratorio
M. Si, facciamo i progetti diversi ogni settimana, un’altra settimana siamo andati al mare

K: Da quante settimane siete qui?
M: Per 9 settimane

After the interview, it was time for us to go. We had a great morning with awesome children and very kind and nice tutors. Thank you for the experience!



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