Hello everyone! I am Quynh Anh and now I am doing my job shadowing in Pesaro, Italy. Firstly, I would like to thanks for all your support. For me, it was so hard to come here because it takes me one month to get the visa. I got a lot of troubles with this. I could not believe to be here.

Secondly, Pesaro is a wonderful city. As I travelled from Roma to Pesaro to reach my project, I couldn’t keep my eyes on the green of the fields and the forest. It’s totally different from Vietnam. Pesaro is on Italy’s Adriatic coast. In my view, it’s not well-known to foreigners, but in fact, it is a popular seaside resort and Italian visitors have been coming here to enjoy the sandy beaches for hundreds of years. Although it only takes a short time to visit Pesaro’s tourist sight, it is really worth exploring the area around the town. Landscapes are attractive rolling green hills and the interesting places. There are several interesting things to see in Pesaro such as Casa natale di Gioacchino Rossini, Piazza del Popolo, Palazzo postale, Palla di Pomodoro…. I spent 2 days to go around and explored the town. I realized that I love staying in this peaceful city. And also, the weather here is totally perfect (for a Vietnamese girl like me). It’s sunny for all day, but it’s still cool . I’m not wetting for all day like in Vietnam. I love this so much.

Vicolocorto Job Shadowing July 2014 PesaroVicolocorto Job Shadowing July 2014 Pesaro

Now there is a lot of festivals in Pesaro. “Hip hop connection” event is my first event here. It’s a international hip hop competition, every European dancer come here to challenge him or herself and show his/her talent. All of them are in the high level of dancing, they show us a lot of dancing’s techniques. Everything is amazing. I had such a great time with the music, I enjoyed it a lot.

Vicolocorto @ Hip Hop Connection Job Shadowing in July 2014 Pesaro

My first weekend here was so crazy. It was rainy for all Saturday but sunny in Sunday. On Sunday, we went to the supermarket to buy some food. I was so happy that I can make Vietnamese spring rolls for my housemates. It’s not the good one that I can make but I tried my best and so happy that my housemates like this. My housemates are EVS volunteers who will stay here for a long time. And in the afternoon, we went out for a walk to see the sea sight. On the way back home, we found a basketball ground. There was a street basketball competition, so many people were there to watch the match and also to join in the competition. They are so professional with their skills and the way they connected with the team.

My second week was started with the tutoring meeting at the colorful office in the Monday morning. The meeting was happened in 4 hours. We shared everything we got from last week with each other and also discussed about the schedule this week. It was nice when you can talk with everybody about your experiences and your problem also (if you have). After we had a presentation about Vicolocorto and their activities that helped me know more about this association. On monday evening, we visited “Perchè No” newspaper editor. It’s a local newspaper and for free. It was so nice when we can meet and ask them about how they work, how a newspaper was printed. The next day, we worked in San Giovanni library. Vicolocorto had a corner (table) in the library to give information for everyone who want to volunteer, to join in volunteer activities… Unfortunatly, now is summer, everybody is on their own vacation so no one came to ask. And also we had a promational tour on friday to give flyers with informations inside. We went around the city and give the flyers to some popular stores and bar. People can take the flyers if they feel interesting and want to join. I think it’s the good way to connect the local people with the association and also give them a chance to go abroad or take some training programs to develope themselves.

Vicolocorto Job Shadowing July 2014 Pesaro

In the end of this week, we held a birthday party for Shawita – Dutch EVS volunteer. Everyone tried to make traditional foods from their own country like a birthday gift for her and also introducing a little bit about our culture. She is a vegetarian so I have to try to make vegetarian-spring rolls.

Vicolocorto Job Shadowing July 2014 PesaroAs usual, new week starts with tutor meeting in the office. And we are welcomed a new EVS volunteer from Germany. She has just graduated from high school and she’s going to stay here for 10 months. This week we had to prepared “What to pack for EVS” presentation. EVS volunteer and me had to discuss about this and prepare for the presentation. We made a power point for presentation, some flyers with the pack list to check, and also some pictures to help people to have a vision about this. It’s not only about prepare stuff like clothes, bathroom stuffs..but above all it’s about things to do before you go and preparation about emotions. Nowaday, so many youngsters want to do EVS or go abroad for training project. I think this presentation will help them a lot. They will not get confuse about preparation before going and get ready to go!

Vicolocorto Job Shadowing July 2014 Pesaro

Next day, we visited a youth center where some people held a summer camp for the children. They help children to do their homework and organize some summer activities such as do morning exercise, play some games… It was really nice when I can come there and join with them. There is only one problem, I can’t speak italian. So I can’t talk with them because they’re around 5 to 13 years old. I tried my best with english and bodylanguage to connect with them something, in the way they could understand me.

Vicolocorto @ E...state insieme! Jo Shadowing in Pesaro July 2014

The last day of the project, I stayed in the office and wrote blog. During the activies, I learnt so much and also finger out some differences between Vicolocorto and SJ Vietnam. I think all the experiences I got has already changed my life long.

Quynh Anh




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