Hip Hop Connection Arena

This friday me and the new arrived job shadower Quynh Anh went to check one of the events of this famous hip hop festival happening in the heart of Pesaro, Hip Hop Connection Arena. First of all, what is Hip Hop Connection Arena?

Hip Hop Connection Arena is the most important Breakdance contest in Italy. The performances and the high level of battles have made this event famous throughout the world. The crews involved, the international guests and the best Dj’s have made this event a really important summer meeting in Italy.

This festival is organised every year since 2001 by a local association called Hip Hop Connection Association, which the aim is to develop all kinds of artistic activities related to the Hip Hop movement and, especially, his main dance style: Breakdance. The Hip Hop Connection Association was born in Pesaro in 2001 and over the years has become the reference point in Italy for the world of Breakdance .

Vicolocorto @ Hip Hop Coonnection Arena July 2014 Pesaro

A Shiny White Arena in Piazzale Fava, the Breakdance contest

Arriving to Piazzale Fava we started to see a crowd of young people in a line to make the last inscriptions to participate in the break dance contest about to begin.

In sporty and stylish outifts, spread all over this closed ring, were this talented break dancers from all the ages and different nationalities: kids, teenagers, young adults. Both men and women, though men were a majority, women represented a significative number, towards my joyful surprise.

Hip-hop, funk, soul and breakbeat music was already playing and the participants were starting to warm up in the contest arena and the surroundings. After some minutes began the competition. The big and white central arena was divided into two smaller arenas where four different crews, each made up of two participants, would compete. One crew against other in each smaller arena.

In each side there were three juries evaluating the battles and giving the final verdict. During more than three hours dozens of different couples were giving their best and making the audience vibrate. Was wonderful to see that, apart from age, gender, nationality, technical level or style, all participants were so passionate about this art. All “fighting” against each other but all with the heart beating for the same shared love, the love for Break dance.

The level of the participants was really high. It´s surprising to see that even if is traditional from U.S.A., european dancers are reaching a truly mastery of this art. Even the kids that were competing with adults (what in my opinion was a little bit unfair), were already so good and passionate. One of the kids had no more than 6, 7 years, but was already dancing well and assuming the “badass” attitude and the needed “feeling”.

We had few hours of pure entertainment seeing this contest. The festival will continue until the end of this weekend. I advise everyone to find some time between the busy lives and the leisure time at the beach to go and have a look! =)







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