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Well, I´m here again!

I would like to share with you my first impressions but as you can guess from the title my first impressions were already made … six years ago. In that time I arrived visit my friend who moved in Pesaro to live here with her italian boyfriend. I´ve been loving this city since then. The… Continue reading Well, I´m here again!

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How to become an EVS-Volunteer

European Voluntary Service – I thought I should explain to you what is behind that phrase, so you will have a better idea of what I am actually doing here. To put it plainly, the EVS is a chance for young people between the age of 18 and 30 to do volunteer work in any… Continue reading How to become an EVS-Volunteer

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A Youth in Action Seminar

Si è svolto dal 5 al 13 giugno, a Dilijan in Armenia, il seminario europeo “Crossroad exclusion and gender”. Al seminario hanno partecipato circa 30 persone provenienti da: Armenia, Ucraina, Bielorussia, Lituania, Estonia, Georgia, Repubblica Ceca, Olanda, Germania, Spagna e Italia. Le discriminazioni di genere sono un problema che colpisce la vita delle giovani donne… Continue reading A Youth in Action Seminar

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Traveling in Italy

Ciao dear readers! Today’s blog article is going to be about traveling – and what it’s like to travel in Italy as a foreigner. First of all let me say that EVS is not only about doing volunteer work, but also a lot about this – traveling, getting to know the country, its people and… Continue reading Traveling in Italy

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Hangart Fest: There is more than meets the eye

Contemporary art, a form of art that can sometimes be very hard to understand and therefore is not that popular among the majority of people. To promote this kind of art Associazione Hangartfest every year organizes in collaboration with a number of local and foreign organizations a festival named Hangart Fest. This year from the… Continue reading Hangart Fest: There is more than meets the eye