EVS, Vicolocorto, Sandra,
In accoglienza/hosting, Servizio Volontario Europeo (EVS)

Well, I´m here again!

I would like to share with you my first impressions but as you can guess from the title my first impressions were already made … six years ago. In that time I arrived visit my friend who moved in Pesaro to live here with her italian boyfriend. I´ve been loving this city since then. The reason is simple. I just love Italy and almost everything aroud … I´ve been in Italy for many times but Pesaro is the town where I spent most of the time although when I heard about Pesaro for a first time I didn´t really know nothing about it. Besides I found the city on a map and read basic information I was very suprised it is a town directly by the sea. Good to know I told to myself and still being wonder what is expecting me I decided to get deeply information directly there.

So I came here to visit my friend and stay at Pesarese´s home. During my stay didn´t get any information about city itself. Maybe because everything was too ordinary to my hosts, maybe as a local took this place like a commonplace. For better imagination I was passing through Rossini´s house every day without knowing it is his house, with no idea about wonderful library or story about “La palla di Pomodoro”. Thanks to this fact Pesaro was for me just an ordinary but beautiful place in Italy by the sea where I had a good time.

EVS, Vicolocorto, Sandra,

But all this have changed because I gain a new point of view from Vicolocorto and local volunteers. Thanks to them I realized that during my fist time which I spent here was Pesaro just a town. Now it is a town with a spirit because I´ve realized how exceptional place it is. I´m not talking about nice people, they are still nice like during my first stay. I´m not talking about beautiful nature and surroundings, it is still beautiful as well. I´m just trying to describe how important is to be aware about where we live. It´s really big diference to share information about this town with people who like it here than with people who take it like a commmonplace. Suprising finding for me – it is still the same town but my point of view has completely changed.

EVS, Vicolocorto, Sandra,

So I have to say my second impression is totally different because now as an european volunteer I have a chance to live here for ten months and I´m very grateful for this possibility. Live in this very friendly town with a deep history, where I can feel spirit of the influence from ancient times over Rossini until now and share space with nice people in the beautiful surroundings … it´s a pleasure for me.

EVS, Vicolocorto, Sandra,

This all happend thanks to Vicolocorto´s activity and especially their volunteers.
In order to explain why I´ve started with surroundings …

EVS, Vicolocorto, hometown, Sandra

I come from the Czech republic.
I´ve lived in the second biggest city with 400.000 inhabitants and after many years I´ve been living there it has became to me so small and known that I decided to leave. And for a longer period if possible. So I decided to apply to Vicolocorto´s active call.

We will see what´s going to happen in this fascinating city !

EVS, Vicolocorto, Sandra,

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