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How to use ‘Windows Movie Maker’ – a lesson at the centro sociale “Salice Gualdoni”

We watch them almost every day, we laugh if they are funny and cry if they are sad – videos and movies. But how do you make one on your own?
For the younger generations this might not be a big problem, we either learned it already in school or can just go on the internet and search for instructions.
For older generations, who didn’t grow up with all the technical innovations, the whole research might be a little more difficult. This was the reason why we got a request from Laura’s father, Giancarlo for a lesson, about the Microsoft program ‘Windows Movie Maker’ from the elderly centre in Pesaro.

The people there are very active, going on trips and organizing events of which they are taking videos and pictures. The goal was to create a final video of the trip or event they were participating to. We decided to help them out and explain a little bit about how a program like this is working. I was the chosen one for this activity, so I informed myself a little bit on Youtube tutorials (since I’m not a great expert about video programs myself) and prepared a Power Point presentation about the Movie Maker.

Besides from the topic, there was another challenge waiting for me: the people at the centre don’t speak any English.
So with my more or less profound knowledge of ‘Windows Movie Maker’ and the Italian skills that I learned in school and gathered here during my EVS, I entered the centre on a rainy Friday afternoon in the beginning of December.

Vicolocorto, SVE, Katharina, centro socioculturale Salice Gualdoni, Movie Maker
My “class” consisted of 8 elderly people, some of them had brought their own laptop. The lesson started by introducing ourselves. I told them a little bit about who I am and what I am doing in Italy. In return, they told me their names and also explained more about the center itself – what they do in their free time and how they organize events. Then it was time for the Windows Movie Maker: I started with the presentation I had prepared and tried to explain with the help of pictures what the movie maker is and how we can use it to create a whole video from small videos and images. During this presentation, everyone was really quiet and trying to follow my speech and the examples I gave.  After that, I started to make a video on my own while they could watch. There, a lot of questions arose and I tried to answer them with the help of Laura.After 2,5 hours, everyone was a little bit tired – them from all the new information, me from speaking a lot of Italian.

One week later, we came back to the center – this time with handouts and with the intention to not only hold a speech, but create a workshop, so everyone could try on their own. I was accompanied by Sandra, Thomas and Klaudio, a local volunteer who helped me a lot with the translation and also had some more technical knowledge about the program.
Thanks to Cinzia and Anna, we were offered drinks and cake, so we had a good base to start from. This time, the lesson was a lot more interactive. I explained the steps and they followed the instructions with their own fotos and videos, supported by Klaudio and me. Some difficulties arose, but could be solved in the end. After 3 hours, everyone had created a smaller or bigger video, containing some subtitles and special effects.
Everyone was very satisfied, even though there were doubts if they would be able to do it on their own. But for that problem, we had the handouts on which they had been writing notes.
In the end, everyone was very thankful and I was proud that I had been able to hold a presentation in Italian. Also, we were invited for future projects in the centre – maybe about traditional Italian food and cooking next time 
A presto!
If you are interested in finding out more about the center’s activities visit their website: http://www.salicegualdoni.it/

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