Servizio Volontario Europeo (EVS)

The beginning of a new experience

Hello everyone!

My name is Thomas, I’m a 22 years old French EVS volunteer and I arrived in Pesaro on the 1st of December for a 6 months project with Vicolocorto. This is my first trip to Pesaro, and to Italy actually, and so far I really enjoy it. I barely knew anything about the city before coming, but I was not disappointed: the sea, the cultural influence, the architecture of the streets, the nature and of course the weather! Even though we’re in the middle of the winter, it’s still way warmer than what I’m used to in my Northern French hometown and I have to admit that being able to walk along the seaside anytime I want is something I particularly like. I can’t wait for the spring to start!

A few words about me:

This is actually my second experience of the European mobility programs. On the summer of 2013 I got a Bachelor’s degree in Law, and I wanted to take a break from studying because I didn’t know what I wanted to do next and I needed a little time away to figure this out, while making myself useful and discovering new countries and culture. I was originally supposed to do an EVS in a kindergarten in Tallinn, Estonia, with my best friend but this didn’t work out: the hosting organization simply bailed out on us. Fortunately, another organization in Leipzig, Germany, was willing to host the both of us for a French civic service, which is kind of the same thing as an EVS only it is funded by the French State and not by the European Union.

So there we were, working for six months in a German kindergarten. I have to admit that it was not easy at the beginning since I had absolutely no knowledge of the German language, and most of my coworkers (and of course, the children as well) couldn’t speak English. But we managed to work things out somehow, and this experience turned out to be really amazing. I discovered a country that I now love a lot, a new culture, a new way of life and I met really great people from all over Europe (not a lot of Germans though).

This is part of why I chose to do an EVS this year instead of starting my Master degree. I felt like I needed more time to travel, learn new things and think about my future, even though I already have a more precise idea of what I like and want: working at an international level, whether in a legal area or in a diplomatic/social one (which is also why the project that Vicolocorto was offering particularly interested me).

 Anyway, I still have four months and a half in this country that I never visited before, and I wanna enjoy it as much as I can.

See you later!



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