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“Time to say good bye”

Ciao ragazzi!

After six months in Pesaro, the time has finally come for me to say good bye. Summing up this experience in one article is quite hard, but if I had to choose one word I think it would be “great”.

Vicolcorto, Pesaro, EVS, Thomas, departure

I remember my arrival here as if it was yesterday, and I also remember that, back then, I thought I had a lot of time and that it might even be too long. But once the confusion of the first days was gone, time started to fly. Extremely fast. And now here I am, about to leave this city I really got attached to.

Before coming here I really didn’t know what to expect. I had never been in Italy before, and never even heard of Pesaro. I looked it up on the Internet, but didn’t get so much information. I can say that I was a little bit scared, but in the end I discovered a really nice city (rather calm during the winter, though), with a very rich cultural life and a lot of awesome people.

I learned so much about myself during my time here, and I am so grateful that I was lucky enough to participate to this project which allowed me to discover a culture and a country I would have probably not known otherwise. This experience made me want to travel more and more, to discover as much parts of the world as I possibly can. It also helped me to see a little bit clearer on what I wanted to do once I’m back in France. I know that I want to work in the international humanitarian field, and in September I will start a master degree of International Law in Paris.

I still have a few days before leaving, and I intend to enjoy them, but I know that I will miss a lot Pesaro and all the people I met. I’m sure it’s just a temporary goodbye, though, I really want to come back someday.

Thank you everyone, for everything, and see you soon hopefully!



Janek’s Vespa ride

Janek, EVS, Vicolocorto, Pesaro, TotemA way to TOTEM youth center is too long to keep Janek’s mouth closed. Too many beloved bikes and scooters around. So there’s no chance for Sandra to avoid a flow of words about them.
– So… I’ve checked the prices of Vespa scooters in Poland. They’re not that expensive as I was expected.
– Oh… – Sandra gasped slightly interested.
– Yeah, but it’s not that easy to find one in a good condition. It’s not like with a bread or shampoo- there’s no shop with old stuff, that you can just enter and pick the one Vespa in your favorite colour. Sometimes it takes a lot of time, a lot of patience…
“Patience”… that’s what I’m gonna need now as he talks and talks… thought Sandra. She likes bikes. She really does. But this guy can switch every possible topic to mechanics!
Luckily, one hundred steps later someone stopped a white Vespa next to them and Janek lost his “flow”, couldn’t decide to check the rider or the ride itself.
It was Colo. He waved to the group of three EVS volunteers and greeted them with smily “Ciao!”. Now Sandra could rest and speak about some casual topics instead of pistons, bearings, disc brakes etc. Janek was unable to talk more anyway, as all the details of shiny Vespa PX 125 catched his eyes like magnet. “Damn, I miss my ride… If I’d have it here…”
Sare haven’t seen anything interesting in that vehicle. Yeah, it’s nice, but not any better than the others around. Colo was roling his Vespride thinking to himself: “The last time I had to push it, happened when I forgot to fill the tank… And I’ve promised myself- never again! It’s totally not handy thing to push…”
Anyway, after a while all four wanderers arrived and Vespa stopped finally, supported by her two wide stand-legs. There was no rush, so Janek decided to ask Colo for a favor:
– Can I have a seat?
– Yes, of course!- Colo replied. But as there was something emotional in Janek’s face, some kind of deep untold yearning, he added- Or… maybe would you like to have a ride?

Janek, Totem youth centre, Vicolocorto, EVSNow, dear readers, you need a bit of explanation here. There’s a special bond between the rider and the machine. Some of they say: my baby has a soul. I don’t know that for sure to be honest, but it’s nice for me to think that it might be true. Many times, when I revealed the fact of being a rider, people’s faces projected some kind of admiration. “Wow, you’re kind of brave… riding a machine without anything protecting you from that crazy traffic around. Nothing but a helmet.” And they’re right. It’s crazy out there, rolling your two-wheeler through the city is a bit like flying over the enemy’s territory. Danger everywhere and the second thing that keeps you safe out there is your machine. The first is your common sense.
Anyway- the rider and the machine become a team of two. And it’s not good to have a heartless mechanism as a partner, so it receives a name quite often. It receives a personality. And you just not “borrow” your partner. Ever.

Aware of all of that Janek took a second look on Colo, but he seemed to be serious. Starving rider’s soul didn’t needed more to be awaken. Briefly look at the controllers and everything become clear. Key switched. leg automatically followed the intuition to the kickstarter and after one firm kick the engine started it’s song. Now there was no retreat. Quick second check of gear selector and left hand surely engaged first gear. There was nothing around- just a machine and a rider. Vespa accelerated smoothly leaving behind only a trace of blue two-stroke smoke. “It’s quite fast, surprisingly dynamic.”- though Janek and went through the gears up to the third one. “And it handles well too!”. After coming back Vespa stopped and climbed on her two wide stand-legs, but that was not the end of the story. They say that car moves your body, but motorcycle move your soul. Janek’s rider-soul was spinned that day and probably keeps turning till now. But you probably don’t understand that… I wish you to do so. Get your rider-soul running, get one of that cool two-wheelers and hit the road. Move your soul as they say…


Welcome Sare & Janek

Hello everybody!!!

Da qualche settimana Vicolocorto ospita due nuovi volontari SVE, sono Sare e Janek, e vengono rispettivamente dalla Turchia e dalla Polonia.Vicolocorto, EVS, Janek, Sare

Durante il loro periodo qui a Pesaro lavorano nella nostra associazione e tra i loro “compiti” c’è anche quello di curare il nostro Blog assieme alla redazione. Cosi ieri pomeriggio durante la sessione dedicata a scrivere il blog, abbiamo realizzato una piccola  intervista con loro per conoscerli un’pò più da vicino. E questo è quello che è venuto fuori:

– What’s your name, age and your nationality?  And what have you been doing before coming here?

Sare: My name is Sare Nur bur Im called “Sare” by my friends.I am 22 years old and i study medicine at the University of Goce Delcev and I live in Macedonia but I am from Iskenderun Turkey. Iskenderun is located on the eastern Mediterranea in coast of Turkey.It was originally named Alexandria.

Janek: Ciao ragazzi! I’m Janek, 30yo, Polish guy from city of Wrocław. It’s a beautiful, main city of a Lower Silesia- South-West region of Poland. They say that it’s the warmest place in my country.

Many different things! I’ve finished an University of Wrocław, faculty of Polish Philology, but beside that I was working in many fields. From computer graphic to motorcycle mechanic. Also I was an EVS volunteer before- a did a short term project in Georgia in 2012.

How many months you stay in Pesaro? And what’s the purpouse of your EVS project?

Sare: My project during for only 2 month actually I am going back to Turkey in the middle of June.

Janek: I’m an EVS volunteer in Vicolocorto. My project’s titled “Mobility for a better Europe” and it’ll last till the end of a November.

– What are your expectations for this experience?

Sare: I would like to learn Italian, to discover Italian culture and to meet Italian people. But also I would like to share my culture with them to promote intercultural understanding and dialogue.

Janek: I wish to prepare and bring to life my personal initiative, but I’m still not sure about the form of it… In the meantime I’d like to learn Italian and Italy- by finding new friends here and travelling around.

– How did you discover the project?

Sare: I was very lucky because I found this opportunity by chance. I always wanted to visit Italy since I was a child.So, when I saw the announcement of an EVS project in Pesaro, I immediately applied for it.

Janek: A call of my project was posted on one of popular social network sites, in a group for the people interested in going abroad to an EVS.

– Tell us about your first impression of Italy, Pesaro and local people?

Sare: I believe that I will learn Italian so fast because when I arrived at the airport I asked in English for some information and people answered me in Italian even if I said to them that I don’t speak Italian. When I left the airport I already knew some italian words:Si! Due! Destra! Capito!

And about this city I like Pesaro because It is quiet, clean and there is a good weather too! And people are smiling!

Janek: Italy is a unique place on Earth. Somehow, since the very beginning I was feeling good here. But some things surprised me- lack of internet in McD in Roma, cars squeezing in that narrow streets, bikers and pedestrians trying to find their way on the same streets, horribly expensive beer (!)…

 – What are your interest?

Sare: My last interest regard paraglading, I started before come here, and i’m in the beginner level. A part from that i love animals, specially cats, every kind of cats, cause my father is veterinary and i grown with animals around me!

Janek: Motorcycles! Especially old ones. Mechanics and enginery in general, music (especially rock), movies, classic art (I’m not an expert, but I enjoy it anyway), travelling… Did I mentioned motorcycles? )))

Queste sono solo poche cose che abbiamo imparato ieri dai nuovi volontari SVE, in questo periodo parteciperanno alle attività della nostra associazione,oltre che a diversi eventi in città. Per cui se volete incontrarli e imparare qualcosa di più su loro e la loro cultura o semplicemente scambiare due parole, li potrete incontrare in giro per Pesaro.

A presto!!!