Servizio Volontario Europeo (EVS)

Welcome Sare & Janek

Hello everybody!!!

Da qualche settimana Vicolocorto ospita due nuovi volontari SVE, sono Sare e Janek, e vengono rispettivamente dalla Turchia e dalla Polonia.Vicolocorto, EVS, Janek, Sare

Durante il loro periodo qui a Pesaro lavorano nella nostra associazione e tra i loro “compiti” c’è anche quello di curare il nostro Blog assieme alla redazione. Cosi ieri pomeriggio durante la sessione dedicata a scrivere il blog, abbiamo realizzato una piccola  intervista con loro per conoscerli un’pò più da vicino. E questo è quello che è venuto fuori:

– What’s your name, age and your nationality?  And what have you been doing before coming here?

Sare: My name is Sare Nur bur Im called “Sare” by my friends.I am 22 years old and i study medicine at the University of Goce Delcev and I live in Macedonia but I am from Iskenderun Turkey. Iskenderun is located on the eastern Mediterranea in coast of Turkey.It was originally named Alexandria.

Janek: Ciao ragazzi! I’m Janek, 30yo, Polish guy from city of Wrocław. It’s a beautiful, main city of a Lower Silesia- South-West region of Poland. They say that it’s the warmest place in my country.

Many different things! I’ve finished an University of Wrocław, faculty of Polish Philology, but beside that I was working in many fields. From computer graphic to motorcycle mechanic. Also I was an EVS volunteer before- a did a short term project in Georgia in 2012.

How many months you stay in Pesaro? And what’s the purpouse of your EVS project?

Sare: My project during for only 2 month actually I am going back to Turkey in the middle of June.

Janek: I’m an EVS volunteer in Vicolocorto. My project’s titled “Mobility for a better Europe” and it’ll last till the end of a November.

– What are your expectations for this experience?

Sare: I would like to learn Italian, to discover Italian culture and to meet Italian people. But also I would like to share my culture with them to promote intercultural understanding and dialogue.

Janek: I wish to prepare and bring to life my personal initiative, but I’m still not sure about the form of it… In the meantime I’d like to learn Italian and Italy- by finding new friends here and travelling around.

– How did you discover the project?

Sare: I was very lucky because I found this opportunity by chance. I always wanted to visit Italy since I was a child.So, when I saw the announcement of an EVS project in Pesaro, I immediately applied for it.

Janek: A call of my project was posted on one of popular social network sites, in a group for the people interested in going abroad to an EVS.

– Tell us about your first impression of Italy, Pesaro and local people?

Sare: I believe that I will learn Italian so fast because when I arrived at the airport I asked in English for some information and people answered me in Italian even if I said to them that I don’t speak Italian. When I left the airport I already knew some italian words:Si! Due! Destra! Capito!

And about this city I like Pesaro because It is quiet, clean and there is a good weather too! And people are smiling!

Janek: Italy is a unique place on Earth. Somehow, since the very beginning I was feeling good here. But some things surprised me- lack of internet in McD in Roma, cars squeezing in that narrow streets, bikers and pedestrians trying to find their way on the same streets, horribly expensive beer (!)…

 – What are your interest?

Sare: My last interest regard paraglading, I started before come here, and i’m in the beginner level. A part from that i love animals, specially cats, every kind of cats, cause my father is veterinary and i grown with animals around me!

Janek: Motorcycles! Especially old ones. Mechanics and enginery in general, music (especially rock), movies, classic art (I’m not an expert, but I enjoy it anyway), travelling… Did I mentioned motorcycles? )))

Queste sono solo poche cose che abbiamo imparato ieri dai nuovi volontari SVE, in questo periodo parteciperanno alle attività della nostra associazione,oltre che a diversi eventi in città. Per cui se volete incontrarli e imparare qualcosa di più su loro e la loro cultura o semplicemente scambiare due parole, li potrete incontrare in giro per Pesaro.

A presto!!!







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  1. Good to read that while volunteers are leaving, new ones are still coming! Hope to see you around soon 🙂

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