Servizio Volontario Europeo (EVS)

Janek’s On-Arrival training


Every EVS volunteer has a chance to attend truely unique training- like any others. Right after coming to a destination country, still dazed and confused, we’re travelling to a place, sometimes quite far, to meet the other volunteers, to spend time together, to work on our skills, motivations and, most of all, to know better ourselves.

Previous On-Arrival Trainings were organized close to Napoli, Roma and Rimini, but lately it’s organized in Vittorcchiano, close to Viterbo. The place is beautiful, surrounded by the nature and silence, except of train line right behind the hotel building- but very lovely, old one. One day we took that train to Viterbo, to complete some tasks and visit that wonderful town. Even the train ride was a pleasant experience due to breathtaking views outside a windows.


Usually day started there with a breakfast served between 7.30 and 8.30 as at 9.00 we’re starting the activities. Meeting of all group to make an introduction of a day schedule. Then we’re going in smaller groups to have an Italian language course. It was intense course- every day 90 minutes of vocabulary, conversations and speaking. The result was different for different people of course- some of us started to talk, more advanced mastered the pronunciation, but some stayed at “Tutto capito” level.

Activities lasted till 22.30 or even 23.00, so there was not a much free time for parties. But as you maybe know by now- EVS is about challenges, so we were taking this one as well. And the hardest one- to get on time the next morning for a breakfast and group meeting.


After a week of tight schedule we headed back to our final destinations- tired, overfilled with knowledge and thinking excessively about ourselves… but happy, richer of new friendships and memories.


PS. All photos in this post are property of Kamilla János. All rights reserved, 2015

Servizio Volontario Europeo (EVS)

“It is time to go”


Ciao tutti!

My name is Mert. I’m 20 years old and I came from Ankara,Turkey. This was my first experince abroad. I was very lucky because this was a great chance to come to Italy first.

When I came in here, I couldn’t speak English well. For example: When I landed in Bologna, I couldn’t ask nobody: “Where is the train station?” It was very difficult situation. However, everybody was helping me to improve my language. I can speak English now. It is not perfect, but at least I can communicate. And also just a little bit Italiano.

My experince- Italy is a very good but Pesaro is the best place. You can try many new tastes. Italy is famous for pizza and my favourite is Pizza Margherita, and you can also go to the beach, beautiful beach and Palla di Pomodoro, It is the most important symbol of Pesaro.

I made a lot of friends in here. Everybody is helpful, friendly, cheerful and kind. And also Vicolocorto association members. They are not just that- they are the family. When there is a problem, they help us so right away.

Now I want to write about my teammates (another EVS volunteers). I stayed with them in one flat and I had so much fun. We were like a team… Oh no, We were a TEAM. We learned many new things too. However, most importantly we learned is that we are a team that can overcome everything. I love you all so much..

And now, I am sorry to say that… It is time to go… I loved to be in Pesaro. I love you all so much… Maybe one day I will come here again or we will meet somewhere else… I don’t want to say goodbye. Thanks for everything. It was a good experience for me.

With kind regards!

Ciao ragazzi, Ciao tutti!


Il Futuro

Spesso rimane difficile pensare al Futuro e separarlo dal desiderio. Desiderio e Futuro sono due rette lineari che il più delle volte seguono lo stesso percorso, si sovrappongo verso il domani, un sogno, il nostro benessere. Futuro utopico, verde, compatibile, star bene. Cercare un significato oggettivo dello star bene è alquanto difficile vista la soggettività del bene. Salute? Si. Felicità? Certamente.


L’idea futuribile di chi vive in una città di provincia è poi spesso accostata con la crescita personale e professionale che per forza di cosa costringere i più ad andarsene. Università, anno sabbatico, Erasmus o EVS. Poi, magari, nasce l’amore e ci si trova lontani da casa ricalibrando il proprio Futuro con una lingua diversa e culture diverse e nuovi ostacoli di fronte ai quali ci troviamo impreparati ed impauriti.

Dunque esiste un solo Futuro o più futuri? Ogni giorno guardiamo al Futuro pianificato e lo stravolgiamo, prendiamo vie diverse, lo modelliamo al nostro volere fino a cercare di renderlo più puro e maneggevole. Più nostro.

Il Futuro è la verità assoluta che non si è ancora macchiata di azione. Questa avviene solo nel presente, quando il Futuro si accinge ad essere il passato, la storia del noi.

La risposta preferita è sempre quella che ci vede dubbiosi, insicuri, ignoranti. Non per forza di cose dobbiamo sapere o desiderare esattamente cosa e chi essere tra 50 anni. Il Futuro è non sapere ciò che sarà e cercare di farne qualcosa. Imparare? Viaggiare? Innamorarsi? Mangiare cioccolata? Si.

Il Futuro è come l’oceano e noi ci nuotiamo dentro. Decisamente più accogliente ma pur sempre pieno di pericoli che noi, solo noi, abbiamo la possibilità di evitarli, proprio perché sia scegliamo da che parte andare e sia perché possiamo decidere di non incontrarli, di farli diventare amici o di cercare alleati per sconfiggerli.

Il Futuro è la storia della nostra vita.

Volunteering: a Youth Empowerment Instrument

Report from Kobuleti [Vol. 6]

Last day


It’s not very usual to have the farewell party before the last day of activities… well, due to some logistic issues we had it three days ago. I’m writing this post travelling back home, it means it’s wednesday 8th of July. Making some basic calculations you can find out that our party was on sunday evening, so the following morning the participants had their final evaluation tasks. I really appreciated their affort to write down their comments, even because at the same time I had to digit at least some words for this report but I stayed stucked watching the laptop for more than an hour. That’s why I decided it was better to shut it off and postpone the job. What I did instead, was to take some pictures of the youthpass ceremony, where I liked this idea of Giorgi to give random papers to random people which then have to deliver each other.

After the ceremony I wanted to ask some impression about the project to Uliana and Dima, both from Moldova:

“The training course which I attended  was something new for me, because it was involved a lot of team buildings and group activities. Being present in it didn’t help me only to meet new people and new culture, but I learn some new things by deduction like team work, leadership etc. I came here because I am a volunteer and my next step is to coordinate a project. So this training fit in my goals and it was a nice tool which I can learn new things for my future staff. We played a lot of games in groups which made me reflect about my behaviour in teams, also we were defining a lot of concept, thing that helps us realize how different are the opinions and how to colaborate with people. From other side, we spent a great time together with participants, we discussed a lot about our cultures and about each one projects.”

uliana bella

“These day’s we spent in the project were the best moments of the year in my opinion. It’s very interesting to meet other people from all around the world and especially that they manage to do the same volunteering work as I do in mycountry. I think that we became a family in this project and we were like people from one country not from different. We have had really great time and we learned a lot during the sessions thanks to our great trainers Laura and Giorgi. They really managed to enlarge our knowledge about volunteering in a creative and interesting way. I think that each young volunteer should have the same experience in order to be better in their organizations and maybe to create their own organizations. For sure i will remember this project , somehow it changes your life and the perceptions . Thank you for a great project and for the time invested and hope that we will meet soon in other great events and projects.”


As a conclusion of this serie of posts, I would like to let you know some random consideration that comes from my side. I’ll proceed following my writing instict, which means that maybe you won’t find a logical thread in what you are reading. But logic is often ovestimated!

  • There was more or less only a place where to dance (or pretend to dance) in Kobuleti or, due to the fact that we were to lazy to try to find new one, we were going always in the same bar. This was called “Monopoly”… which means that if the name of your NGO is Vicolocorto (you should play the italian version of the board game to understand but, just to give you an idea, Vicolocorto is the first stop just after the start) you know you are in the right place
  • Talking about food I have to admit to be pretty confused. I ate some food so delicious that I couldn’t beleive. On the other side I also tried something which was complicated to handle for my sense of the taste and for my stomach too. In the hotel I experienced the feeling of permanent smell of fried, who reminded me my house in Pesaro where, thanks to my hungarian flatmate, it seems to be living in a chinese restaurant. Anyways, me and the other Daniele discovered a place run by two ladies (who both felt in love with Daniele) where I ate absolutely the best food of this travel. The Khachapuri, tipical georgian dish (google it!), was the best I ever tried, and I tried bunch of them; the Khinkali were delicious and the beer costed around 60 euro-cents… I mean, come on, 60 cents??? That restaurant was without any doubt my vices dream!
  • The city of Kobuleti was curious. Being a touristic place, in the beginning of July you expect everything is ready for hosting, but appearently a lot of things seemed to be under construction. In the seaside the clubs were open but quite empty even in the weekend, maybe due this local wierd law which forbid to keep the music playing after midnight. For my personal side, it wasn’t a big issue because there I was listening the worst music ever, except the tipical georgean which I appreciated a lot.
  • The hotel, a part from the permanent smell of fried food, was very comfortable and the balconies in every floor with the view on the Black Sea were amazing. The view was also on the car-wash in the other side of the street. Guys, I’ve never seen people so busy washing cars! The workers were washing endlessly plently of vehicles, most of them modified like we were in Fast and Furios and some others without bumber (which will be explained later). I can give you an advise: if your working career will go south, take under consideration to move to Kobuleti to run a car washer!
  • The participants… well, in the project you always meet interesting and very good people, and you always start to create some friendship and to get use to them but the immediatly following moment you have to say goodbye. This wasn’t an exception. I’m not an emotional person, I’ve never been, but this feeling to loose something everytime I have to leave places and people travels back home with me. And it happens that I spend large part of my flight whatching the clouds and reminding the shape of a face, a smile, or some funny or intense moments which I lived and everything seems so faraway that this melancholy drives me to the most hidden part of myself where I can, at least, feel something.
  • Do you remember what I wrote about the logic? Well, let’s change topic so! I would like to describe the driving habits of this georgian guys (because I saw no women driving) but I don’t know if I can find the words. Just try to imagine the chaos, and pour even more chaos on that. Dress the outcome with some random and unreasonable car horns and stir it with the complete lack of interests for the road signs. This is the receipt, than we have to consider the chefs, or rather the drivers! For that I would like to mention a milestone which has the name of the movie Die Hard, precisely in the moment where Bruce Willis was driving in the New York traffic to avoid that a bomb exploded in the other side of the city… well, this is how a georgian understand driving (I’m sorry for stereotyping!)


  • I went also to Tbilisi for one day. The city is really surprising! A lot of beautiful things to see but unfortunatly I had not enough time to do that. I walked around for a couple of hours with a georgian friend of a previous project in Pesaro, and she drove me through some wonderful places telling me something more about the history of the city. For being a tourist, it was such a kind of priviledge experience. In the evening I went to the summer festival called Oper Air where the Placebo were playing. The concert was absolutely great and I have still some songs stucked in my mind. There was one of them which always reminds me the time when I was living in Madrid and, when they played it, also due to some reminiscence post project, I had the eyes brighting for tears which for me is a surprising achievment!
  • The next day, on the flight to Istanbul, I met Brian Molko (the leader of Placebo) and I wanted to thank him for moving me into feelings, so I approached him very quickly entering in the plane. I don’t know why but when I speak english I confuse sometimes “since” and “until” so, instead of telling that I was still listening their music since the previous day, I told him that I was listenig them until yesterday… which basically could mean that the concert sucked and I won’t listen Placebo anymore! Sorry Brian, my mistake.
  • What came again out after this project is that life is a matter of coincidence and timing. Things happen and most of the time we cannot control them. We make choices based on the perception of the present, but we are blind in that moment. Only after some time we turn back to watch the past and we see clearly the consecuences of our actions.

That’s all people. I leave you with a sentence which comes from one of my favourite songs of Placebo: “It seems it’s written but we can read between the lines”.



Eventi locali / Local events




One more year, one more ZOE has finished. With it, the plastic cups, the loudly screaming guitars, the movements and sweat of those who gave everything in the different stages but not only. It also ended the workshops of many volunteers working during the ZOE, and without them this event would not be possible: Grazie! But not everything has ended… The energy, the fire, the ZOE ambient will stay permanently in Orti Giulii, even if doesn’t seem like.

Last Zoe evening bursted with great performances of different kinds of dance. If you haven’t been there you can guess that charming moves of Sevillana dancers caught the eye of many. But hey, there was more- on the same stage appeared beauties shaking their bellies and playing with fire. No surprise that after a while even a Proteccione Civile arrived- to serve and to protect of course! Luckily no accident happened, no one got burned and there was not heart attack- just couple of cases of uncontrolled salivation.

But let’s pass to the other stage- there’s a rock concerts as you can’t see every day! Jumping The Shark, Edward in Venice, Meet The Storm , Lantern… and it’s just one place of Zoe! Absolutely amazing opportunity for all you rock lovers… In the meantime all the workshops still were serving their specialities to the people- Roboxlab, kid’s corner…

When the midnight came the price of beer fell down so many beer lovers stormed the booths and for a while the upper part of Zoe turned into an OktoberFest-alike place. With the last sip of beer Zoe 2015 became a history, so we can again count days for the next edition…

To all the people that contribute to the Festival, all the organization, all the volunteers, all the organizations, all the artist’s, all the bands, all the groups, all the associations, all the ideas, all the workers, all the ZOE, we say, Grazie, without you it was impossible for Pesaro to have such an open art concept festival!


Eventi locali / Local events



After three days of concerts, workshops and meetings, day 4 at the beginning appeared to be an overstress for the people. Long rehearsals of bands and people visiting, visibly in need of some kickstart, were a proof of that. At 20.00, comparing to previous days, it was really quiet and empty! But after 21.30 slowly something started to move- on the small stage below Urali from The Cosmetics started his personal concert. What a sound! People, who had a chance to hear him, were not disappointed for sure. Then, on a big upper right scene exploded a sound of hard core rock performed by one man- playing drums with his legs, torturing a guitar with hands and screaming fat, tasty sounds, he rocked hard indeed. On the other upper stage, close to our Vicolocorto camp, The Imago Lunae painted the night with gentle sounds. After a while a space under the stage was full of people under the Imago Luane spell.


In the meantime, me and Mert, we went to make some interviews. Firstly we aimed again for the Mossi Association.

Janek and Mert: Who are you, beautiful people?

Luca and Camilla : We’re Luca Cesari and Camilla Tenti from The Mossi Association.

Janek and Mert: What is your self expression?

Luca and Camilla : Photography. We’re a photo part of our association. We love to shoot some pictures, but mostly we like reportage photos, street pics and… landscapes.

Janek and Mert: What is your Zoe expression?

Luca and Camilla : We prepared here a photo box- a place equipped with a Christmas lights to make a special effect. Combined with a focus play it gives our guests an opportunity to get really unique pictures of them.

Janek and Mert: What is your inspiration?

Luca and Camilla : Well… sociopathy (laugh). It’s light, that simulates our imagination. Playing with it, following it’s character, leaded us to the place where we are now. This particular effect here, we found out in a video of The Lumineers band.

Janek and Mert: So how long are you working with photography?

Luca: For me it’s about 2 years but Camilla has more experience- she started 6 years ago.

Janek and Mert: What is your dream?

Luca and Camilla : To still work with photography and maybe, in the future, to make a living out of that. That would be perfect to make money while doing what we love.

Janek and Mert: What is your message to the Zoe people?

Luca and Camilla: Guys, if you have a dream- work hard to make it real. It might be hard… usually it is. But also it’s possible and definitely worth it!

Thanks for the interview!

Whoa, so much inspiration from them! But it’s not the end, we’re passing to find out who’s playing hard on the big stage above. It turns out that it’s a band called Cabrera- we had to make an interview with them!


Janek and Mert: You’re Cabrera. Who’s that?

Cabrera : Francesco Galavotti, Jason Cabrera, Marcello Vigarani, Nicolò Bertoni- that’s us- Cabrera band.

Janek and Mert: Who’s the frontman here?

Cabrera: There’s no frontman, or in other words- we’re all frontmen. Four voices- four frontmen.

Janek and Mert: What is your self expression, where do you locate your music?

Cabrera : …It’s atmospheric…. Fields… suburbs… You know, every suburb has this empty park, absolutely lonely… And rain (laugh) It’s raining there usually.

Janek and Mert: What is your Zoe expression?

Cabrera : We performed a set of 7 songs plus one. One of them was one of our first compositions, from the very first EP.

Janek and Mert: So we could say that you came here with your starting point? Back to the roots?

Cabrera: Yeah… Let’s say (laugh)

Janek and Mert: What is your inspiration?

Cabrera: It’s Francesco, who usually writes the lyrics.

Francesco: It starts with playing guitar. Moreover there are a different stories, that are hidden in our songs. Different emotions.

Janek and Mert: What is your dream?

Cabrera : To live from the music. To do what we love and be able to life out of that. Firstly our dream was to perform out of Modena, but… here we are. And it’s human thing to aim higher, isn’t it?

Janek and Mert: What is your message to Zoe people?

Cabrera: Do what you want to do! Take chances! It doesn’t matter what will happen next.

Thanks for the interview! Good luck guys!

Janek and Mert