Eventi locali / Local events


After the first day of Zoe, the second day of this open art concept festival arrived, and with it many different artists ready to perform and to give their maximum on the different stages. Orti Giulii was alive again, by the second night in a row!

People start to arrive at 20.00 p.m, a great part of them arrived to the Pesaro Language Exchange that was going to start exactly at this time near the Vicolocorto’s spot. The event went fine with people interacting with each others.


When the concerts started we went looking for victims willing to do an interview with us about their opinion on the Festival. We found a few people interested in, inclusive Elisa Magi and Stefano Breschi. When we asked about their general opinion on the Festival Elisa said: “The first thing I noticed was how green this place is, full of beautiful trees (…) There are a lot of things to do, I liked especially the drawing panel in the entrance and the pictures on the sidewalls”. Not so happy Elisa mentioned: “The drinks are quite expensive… but it’s ok, I came to meet my friends and the people that I liked so I’m good anyway”. When we asked about the last editions of Zoe, Elisa answered: “The last editions (especially last year) should have more music artists, cheaper food and drinks, but this year it seems ok with more artists. It’s for sure a good meeting place with different concerts to enjoy”. Stefano had the same opinion that Elisa said: “The concept of the Festival is very interesting, with different music to hear and different places to explore art itself.”


After we finished to torture our amazing interviewed we went to speak with Sarah Tonelli, that in microfestival is taking photos of the eyes with a very characteristic focus of every person that comes to take a picture of his/her eye. After giving a response to all the people that came to take a picture, Sarah had a moment to talk with us about her work and expectations. First we talked about her inspirations, as she said: “In general my inspiration comes from the passion of what I do, mostly because I can be myself in what I’m doing. I study biology, so I like the scientific individuality of each person, each eye. I have to confess that one of my inspirations is the film ‘I Origins’ that tells the story of a molecular biologist whose studies of human ocular points to highlight with profound implications on our scientific and spiritual beliefs.”

When we asked ‘what do you search in this work, in this pictures you take?’ Sarah answered: “I search the unique of each person, because, even if I have brown eyes like the majority of people, it’s always different the shadows, the formats, even the brown colour, form person to person, and I want to capture this difference in a close way. This play game between light and shadows is unique in every person. With this work I catch the individuality of the being letting the physical paranoia behind.” To finish our interview we spoke about dreams and expectations for the future, and Sarah said: “I hope I won’t lose the passion from this art, because I love to transmit emotions to people. I wish, in the future, to be satisfy with my options, with myself and what I do.” To finalize, with a beautiful smile Sarah said: “To be a transparent person”.


The second day of the Festival ended, but with the certain for another day, another sunset, another artist, other visitors, but for sure the same spirit of this big art concept festival called Zoe Microfestival.

Carlos & Mert


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