Eventi locali / Local events


The third day of Zoe was characterized by a synergy between Hip-hop rhythms and dance with a power and rebel from punk, rock bands.


As it was in the previous days people started to arrive at 20 o´clock. As soon as the youngsters of Hip-hop connection association were ready to perform the visitors had an opportunity to see their synchronized dance steps. During this time the other concerts began for people who wanted to get embrance from the “fluffy rage“ of punk and hardcore bands.

Yesterday, as usual, from us EVS volunteers we made interviews with participants and visitors of Zoe Microfestival. We interviewed a representant of an association „La citta´della gioia“ .This association is a social project which take place in a house runed by more tha 100 volunteers with a purpose of giving shelter for people in need, for ten days, working like an emergency hostel. „La citta´della gioia“ provides dinner, sleeping place, clothes and a help for people entering the work system again. In Zoe, beside the information about the project itself, they exchange plasticine creations of visitors for random plants inside a half of eggshell that people can plant.

Next we went to speak with the Scout group responsible for giving water to people near the entrance. Different people are at this table every day providing a voluntary service to community and a help for the good atmosphere of Zoe. Thanks!

To finalize we interviewed two beautiful visitors of the festival and ask them their opinion. One of the point they mentioned was the fact that the festival is organized by people for people and this encouraged them to do something in a social field. „The place is beautiful, it´s a shame they don´t do nothing here during the winter. I propose a winter Zoe Microfestival.“ Federica mentioned: „I´m a vegan and I would like to find more offers since is an alternative place, piadina wasn´t so good.“ Asked about the previous editions of Zoe Manuela reply: „ This year seems better to me because there are more activities to participate, more things to watch and to see.“ The girls summarized the present edition of Zoe like having more cozy ambient.


And so it ended another day of Zoe with a certainty that the next two days it will continue to have more to show, to watch, to hear, to feel …

Carlos and Sandra


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