Eventi locali / Local events



After three days of concerts, workshops and meetings, day 4 at the beginning appeared to be an overstress for the people. Long rehearsals of bands and people visiting, visibly in need of some kickstart, were a proof of that. At 20.00, comparing to previous days, it was really quiet and empty! But after 21.30 slowly something started to move- on the small stage below Urali from The Cosmetics started his personal concert. What a sound! People, who had a chance to hear him, were not disappointed for sure. Then, on a big upper right scene exploded a sound of hard core rock performed by one man- playing drums with his legs, torturing a guitar with hands and screaming fat, tasty sounds, he rocked hard indeed. On the other upper stage, close to our Vicolocorto camp, The Imago Lunae painted the night with gentle sounds. After a while a space under the stage was full of people under the Imago Luane spell.


In the meantime, me and Mert, we went to make some interviews. Firstly we aimed again for the Mossi Association.

Janek and Mert: Who are you, beautiful people?

Luca and Camilla : We’re Luca Cesari and Camilla Tenti from The Mossi Association.

Janek and Mert: What is your self expression?

Luca and Camilla : Photography. We’re a photo part of our association. We love to shoot some pictures, but mostly we like reportage photos, street pics and… landscapes.

Janek and Mert: What is your Zoe expression?

Luca and Camilla : We prepared here a photo box- a place equipped with a Christmas lights to make a special effect. Combined with a focus play it gives our guests an opportunity to get really unique pictures of them.

Janek and Mert: What is your inspiration?

Luca and Camilla : Well… sociopathy (laugh). It’s light, that simulates our imagination. Playing with it, following it’s character, leaded us to the place where we are now. This particular effect here, we found out in a video of The Lumineers band.

Janek and Mert: So how long are you working with photography?

Luca: For me it’s about 2 years but Camilla has more experience- she started 6 years ago.

Janek and Mert: What is your dream?

Luca and Camilla : To still work with photography and maybe, in the future, to make a living out of that. That would be perfect to make money while doing what we love.

Janek and Mert: What is your message to the Zoe people?

Luca and Camilla: Guys, if you have a dream- work hard to make it real. It might be hard… usually it is. But also it’s possible and definitely worth it!

Thanks for the interview!

Whoa, so much inspiration from them! But it’s not the end, we’re passing to find out who’s playing hard on the big stage above. It turns out that it’s a band called Cabrera- we had to make an interview with them!


Janek and Mert: You’re Cabrera. Who’s that?

Cabrera : Francesco Galavotti, Jason Cabrera, Marcello Vigarani, Nicolò Bertoni- that’s us- Cabrera band.

Janek and Mert: Who’s the frontman here?

Cabrera: There’s no frontman, or in other words- we’re all frontmen. Four voices- four frontmen.

Janek and Mert: What is your self expression, where do you locate your music?

Cabrera : …It’s atmospheric…. Fields… suburbs… You know, every suburb has this empty park, absolutely lonely… And rain (laugh) It’s raining there usually.

Janek and Mert: What is your Zoe expression?

Cabrera : We performed a set of 7 songs plus one. One of them was one of our first compositions, from the very first EP.

Janek and Mert: So we could say that you came here with your starting point? Back to the roots?

Cabrera: Yeah… Let’s say (laugh)

Janek and Mert: What is your inspiration?

Cabrera: It’s Francesco, who usually writes the lyrics.

Francesco: It starts with playing guitar. Moreover there are a different stories, that are hidden in our songs. Different emotions.

Janek and Mert: What is your dream?

Cabrera : To live from the music. To do what we love and be able to life out of that. Firstly our dream was to perform out of Modena, but… here we are. And it’s human thing to aim higher, isn’t it?

Janek and Mert: What is your message to Zoe people?

Cabrera: Do what you want to do! Take chances! It doesn’t matter what will happen next.

Thanks for the interview! Good luck guys!

Janek and Mert


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