Servizio Volontario Europeo (EVS)

“It is time to go”


Ciao tutti!

My name is Mert. I’m 20 years old and I came from Ankara,Turkey. This was my first experince abroad. I was very lucky because this was a great chance to come to Italy first.

When I came in here, I couldn’t speak English well. For example: When I landed in Bologna, I couldn’t ask nobody: “Where is the train station?” It was very difficult situation. However, everybody was helping me to improve my language. I can speak English now. It is not perfect, but at least I can communicate. And also just a little bit Italiano.

My experince- Italy is a very good but Pesaro is the best place. You can try many new tastes. Italy is famous for pizza and my favourite is Pizza Margherita, and you can also go to the beach, beautiful beach and Palla di Pomodoro, It is the most important symbol of Pesaro.

I made a lot of friends in here. Everybody is helpful, friendly, cheerful and kind. And also Vicolocorto association members. They are not just that- they are the family. When there is a problem, they help us so right away.

Now I want to write about my teammates (another EVS volunteers). I stayed with them in one flat and I had so much fun. We were like a team… Oh no, We were a TEAM. We learned many new things too. However, most importantly we learned is that we are a team that can overcome everything. I love you all so much..

And now, I am sorry to say that… It is time to go… I loved to be in Pesaro. I love you all so much… Maybe one day I will come here again or we will meet somewhere else… I don’t want to say goodbye. Thanks for everything. It was a good experience for me.

With kind regards!

Ciao ragazzi, Ciao tutti!

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