Servizio Volontario Europeo (EVS)

E’ possibile!

Ciao tutti,

as many of you may know, or not, I have spent the last week of July on an Arrival Training
in Vitorchiano, Viterbo.


60 people were gathered for an intense (and by “intense”, I mean reeeeally intense) training and formation about EVS in general: from the expectations, feelings and problems,
to the methodological tools needed to analyze and reflect about this experience. At the end, it was easier for us, to process all the information we were getting through the volunteering experience with the activities we had in this Training Course.


Most of the activities were based on implementing some social skills in all volunteers, stimulating the communication between different group members in order to successfully complete, for sure funny and at the same time challenging, activities. Some other activities were related with presenting Italy in different ways, in topics like culture, sports and geography.

In my personal perspective, it was so interesting to have so many different people to know, to share experiences with, as well as expectations, dreams, objectives and histories, that I’ve found myself only sleeping 4 hours per day, during all these 7 days. I did not mind, because in the end, all the reality I lived there for short days was really worth it for me. Of course we had our moments of fun and sharing, because sharing is caring and EVS is all about giving, receiving, and repeating.

To finalize, I have to give my best compliments and deep thanks to the staff of the Vitorchiano residence\hotel. They were amazing, with us, with really close and friendly service and a lot, a lot of patience.



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