Servizio Volontario Europeo (EVS)

Helping Inspirers. Two EVS in the local Red Cross Committee

Vicolocorto is not the only organization in Pesaro, that hosts EVS volunteers. Lately we visited one of the others, la Croce Rossa, where we met two Turkish girls: Melike and Nilufer. They’re serving there, helping in CR casual activities. Leaded by curiosity we decided to find out the story of their arrival and stay- how… Continue reading Helping Inspirers. Two EVS in the local Red Cross Committee

Eventi locali / Local events

An EVS afternoon in Montefabbri at Fiesta Global Festival 2015

With some late we are glad to speak about one of the most important ethnic event in Italy: the Fiesta Global 2015. Organized by TribalEgg Association, Fiesta Global at the 12th edition attract every year more o less 10000 participants from all Italy and abroad. Our afternoon in Montefabbri (Pesaro and Urbino) was spent with… Continue reading An EVS afternoon in Montefabbri at Fiesta Global Festival 2015

Servizio Volontario Europeo (EVS)

Holiday of an EVS volunteer

The adventure of EVS volunteer is all fun and games, but in the end, everyone gets tired. It is natural. There is two days per week free, but it helps just to relieve work stress. Deeper inside, there is different kind of need, that grows with every month, then week, in the end- with every… Continue reading Holiday of an EVS volunteer

VON-Volunteering Opportunities Network

How to become “Pesarese”

If you’re coming to Pesaro to participate in a project, it’s of course nice to get some time to see the most interesting places around the city, as well. Who wouldn’t like to get to know the city they are staying in as an additions to the very intensive sessions of the project? That is… Continue reading How to become “Pesarese”

VON-Volunteering Opportunities Network

Erasmus+: Photographer vs. participant

Ciao tutti! Kacio is calling. Last week Vicolocorto was organizing a Partnership building activities in the framework of the Erasmus+ program on the topic “Volunteering Opportunities Network - VON” involving eleven different countries from all over Europe. 24 youth workers from Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, France, Hungary, Italy, Poland, Portugal, Slovenia, Spain and Turkey came… Continue reading Erasmus+: Photographer vs. participant

VON-Volunteering Opportunities Network

Did you say VON?

Monday 7th September VON has started!!! What is VON?! It is the acronym of Volunteering Opportunities Network. 24 youth workers coming from 11 different countries and representing 18 different organisations have reached our beautiful Pesaro to spend a week working on the topic of European Volunteering Service (EVS). On Monday little by little all participants arrived in… Continue reading Did you say VON?