VON-Volunteering Opportunities Network

How to become “Pesarese”

02If you’re coming to Pesaro to participate in a project, it’s of course nice to get some time to see the most interesting places around the city, as well. Who wouldn’t like to get to know the city they are staying in as an additions to the very intensive sessions of the project?

That is the reason why we, the EVS-Volunteers, had to organise the cultural tour of Pesaro for the participants of VON project.

Of course each one of us already had at least one cultural tour at the beginning of our EVS but with 24 people it is a little bit different and more difficult.

Even if the informations are very interesting, there are always people who will not listen to the guide and will get bored. That’s why we decided to make a Pesaro Quest!

The participants got divided into small groups and all they got to explore the city was a map and the first task.

The following places everybody had to go to, to fullfil the tasks, were: Biblioteca San Giovanni, Teatro Rossini, Museo Civici, Casa Gioachino Rossini, Rocca Constanza and last but not least Palla di Pomodoro. (By the way thanks a lot to all the volunteers standing in those places to provide the next tasks!)

01In Biblioteca San Giovanni for example the participants had to describe a specific page of the Pinocchio book. Did you ever take a look at those pictures?

If not – do it. It’s very different in comparison to the well known story of wooden boy!

In all the other places they had to write a short story including some (strange) words or to gather some informations by themselves.

03The final task was to make a picture in front of Palla di Pomodoro with all the hands inside of the water. Some funny people got really nice ideas as you can see or were even confusing their hands with feet!

After getting the certificate for accomplishing all the tasks, everybody went out to eat pizza, it could have been Pizza Rossini!



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