Servizio Volontario Europeo (EVS)

Holiday of an EVS volunteer

Janek holidayThe adventure of EVS volunteer is all fun and games, but in the end, everyone gets tired. It is natural. There is two days per week free, but it helps just to relieve work stress. Deeper inside, there is different kind of need, that grows with every month, then week, in the end- with every day. Bigger and bigger, pushes volunteer’s thoughts out of current world- sometimes home, sometimes where the heart leads, sometimes just anywhere out of the place of service. Considering this need, Erasmus + programme provides to every EVS volunteer additional 2 free days per month. This free time can be claimed, whenever young “EVeeSer” needs that. Most of volunteers accumulates these days into a longer period of time, used for travelling, visiting that cute girl I’ve just met on Tinder or a family or friends that I miss.

In my case, it was not a girl, neither from Tinder, Couchsurfing or even Google+. It was my brother’s wedding. An absolute must, no doubts about it- I just had to go.

I knew the date since the beginning of my service, so 6 weeks before the date I have let to know to the person in charge about my request. Thanks to this, he could plan the activities, aware of my absence in specified period. The next step was to buy the tickets.

TIP: Do not buy the tickets before setting the free time with the organization- it will help you avoid a nervous conversation with the EVS coordinator.

When I got the reservation email, the process of travelling was initiated. “How come?”- you may say- “You’re still in Pesaro and the flight date is in upcoming couple of weeks!”. That is right, but as soon as the brain sees the goal- the date of a flight- everything else seems to be just a background, not really as important as before. The next step is counting days- as a joke at first, later- as a daily ritual. And then, all of the sudden I found myself packing my backpack at night before the departure.

Travelling is always nice. Even with problems, obstacles, you are in a move. On the road. It is also very important part of EVS as mobility is one of the key terms in all Erasmus+ project. But seeing my city from above is even more nice! Familiar buildings, the streets I have passed so many times… After the landing, first surprise came- all the people around speaks my language! So strange at the beginning, became even stranger, when I found myself struggling with expressing myself in my mother tongue! Luckily, this limitation passed quickly and with a smile on my face, I proceeded all through my holiday. I’ve met my family, friends, places I love… on my motorcycle ))). I have missed the feeling of splitting the air with my classic bike.janek holiday2

My brother’s wedding is the story, that I will keep for my family, and me but I can assure you, that it was a great experience. Polish wedding is something to experience, not to explain )))

Anyway… after 7 days I had to go back. Not really happy to leave again Wrocław, I found myself glad to see my team and Pesaro. It is my place now, not replacing WrocLove (it’s impossible), but stuck in the new place in my heart. It is impossible to measure this feeling, but hugs I got after coming back are absolutely countable. Good to be back!



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