Eventi locali / Local events

An EVS afternoon in Montefabbri at Fiesta Global Festival 2015

With some late we are glad to speak about one of the most important ethnic event in Italy: the Fiesta Global 2015.

Organized by TribalEgg Association, Fiesta Global at the 12th edition attract every year more o less 10000 participants from all Italy and abroad.


Our afternoon in Montefabbri (Pesaro and Urbino) was spent with some cold beer and matches of backgammon, speaking with the artists (already) met in Zoe Microfestival, artisans and performers.


We spoke about EVS and the opportunity to have a volunteering experience abroad and the experience who can have the EVS here in Pesaro.

Moreover, we tried unsuccessful to participate to some workshop like African dances and African percussion. Maybe we needed more talent.



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