Servizio Volontario Europeo (EVS)

Helping Inspirers. Two EVS in the local Red Cross Committee

IMG_0886Vicolocorto is not the only organization in Pesaro, that hosts EVS volunteers. Lately we visited one of the others, la Croce Rossa, where we met two Turkish girls: Melike and Nilufer. They’re serving there, helping in CR casual activities. Leaded by curiosity we decided to find out the story of their arrival and stay- how did it happened that they decided to come and how their EVS life looks like.Let’s start with the fact that Nilufer and Melike are friends, classmates. The first one found the project and shared the news with the other- together they decided to come to Pesaro. Motivation to choose a specific project came from a need of change, and personal development. According to Nilufer, she simply wanted to do an EVS, not precisely in CR. Before arrival girls didn’t had any experience with social care, but nevertheless decided to try themselves. Now, after almost a month of service, they’re happy, inspired to help other people. Experience of being a part of an ambulance staff is a strange feeling. “Strange, but nice”. It gives the feeling of importance, of being needed. That’s exactly what girls were looking for- they’re exploring, discovering, improving and thinking about their future. Each of them is on a different level of self-awareness: one of them knows, that her future way will be absolutely different from her previous experience, but the other wants to continue the way she chose at her University- most likely in Italy.


Beside of the professional progress, there’s also informal field evolving simultaneously. EVS is for our protagonists the very first chance to live on their own, to take care of home budget and to face other lifestyle, culture, the environment using foreign language. Dealing with the other culture put Melike and Nilufer to reflect also about their own. It may be an occasion to build up an identity- to present themselves and the country they’re coming from in better way. There’s whole lot of small things, abilities, skills they learned: how to play Uno, how to ride (and crash) bicycles, how to use map and not to get lost, how to climb steep hills (their home is located on Ardizzio hill), how to travel and many, many more.


 In the end we asked girls to imagine them in 6 months- where they’ll be, what they’ll do. Their answers were equally interesting for us and them. Nilufer says: I would tell to myself “Don’t be afraid. Life is short- live it! Just do what you want.” Melike adds: “Try everything!”. But that makes both girls to look into each other’s eyes and burst with laugh. “Maybe not everything…”- they’re concluding. The other thing they’re both sure is that in this time they’ll find an answers for a questions of today. It’s a positive summary of our interview. Let it stay even longer that mentioned 6 months of time.


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