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Little talk with InterculturalMente

INTERCULTURALMENTE_LOGOIn this days we met Lorenzo, Giulia and Eleonore to speak about a new intercultural project in Pesaro. Is born few month ago, during a formative training about intercultural mediation, but will have a long future for sure. The project is inside an organization called Reciproca Onlus and is called INTERCULTURALMENTE. We’ve been at the presentation organized in the council hall of the municipality of Pesaro.

Let’s meet them!

Question 1. First of all thank you very much Lorenzo, Giulia and Eleonore for getting time to talk to us! Can u describe your association shortly, what is the aim of your association and who are the targets with whom you are now working?

Answer 1. Hi there Vicolocortini, and thanks to you for your interest in our work! First of all let’s say that we started to work with Reciproca Onlus only with this project, Interculturalmente, concerning   intercultural mediation in schools. So the target for this project are students and teachers in high school that are in need for some facilitation or mediation on intercultural issues in their life inside the school.

Q2. How long you are already active and what did you achieve during this period?

A2. We started the project in April and, considering that we had the summer break from june to september, we already reached one of the main aim, being trusted by teachers and students we are working with.

Q3. How do you see the influence on the society of Pesaro by the people taking part in the activities and workshops organized by your association?

A3. Well, since we’re talking about students, youngsters, we can say that their influence will be strong in the society of our city, ’cause they are the future citizens and they might have a key role in the life of Pesaro or they’re own towns. Speaking about the teachers, we believe that following our suggestions and our activites will help them to understand how to work with people coming from different countries and different cultures and how to face cultural issues in a positive way.

Q4. How do you see the society of Pesaro after 10 years? What are the main things that your association can help to improve in future?

A4. For sure Pesaro will be more and more multicultural and we hope intercultural. What can we do is to support who is in need for help in managing situations on intercultural education and interaction in various contexts, such as work, school, youth centres and so on, and in the meanwhile to sensitise people about intercultural items and integration with other cultures.

Q5. What roles are playing the associations as well as Vicolocorto who are the partners of Interculturalmente?

A5. Well, there are different associations involved in the project with different activities. Vicolocorto will sensitize the students toward the interculture through its european volunteers, telling the students about their experience abroad; Filosofia Coi Bambini will hold some “philosophy for youngsters” activities; T’Immagini Onlus will hold clown-therapy workshops, Orchestra Rossini will hold music workshops and Casa Della Pace will host an information desk of our project in the intercultural fest “Festa dei Popoli”.

Q6. And at the end what would you like to say to our readers?

A6. Thank you! If you need us, just check us on Facebook!

For everybody interested, you can find the Interculturalmente organization at this link on facebook:



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