Eventi locali / Local events

Improve your English with Vicolocorto! It’s for free!

Would you like to improve your English but you already got bored studying grammar books, doing countless numbers of language exercises? We have a great news for you!

Vicolocorto with EVS volunteers organize English language conversations every Friday at Job Centre in Pesaro! The initiative is dedicated to everyone who would like to improve its English speaking skills. Your current level of the language doesn’t matter. The  most important is your motivation to learn.locandina english discussion (VICOLOCORTO)

We started last Friday, 15 of January and we were very happy to see all of you, full of  positive energy and ready to learn!

The level of the English was spreading from not so low to really high. All the people that came were very motivated, interesting and ready to speak!

We got to know each other and we broke the first ice! People opened up even more after they noticed that our English is not perfect as well and that Paulina is also trying to learn Italian.

So we spent 2 hours talking, talking and again talking! And we are going to continue in this way! Some of them already told us they are going to come again! Now it’s time for you to come and break the first ice!

Every week we will prepare something new for you to make this meetings interested and helpful for your speaking English skills!

So, don’t be afraid and join us! We are waiting for you with all our positive energy! All together we can do it!

Paulina e Miha

P.s. If you want to participate, please, sign at this link: www.vicolocorto.org[…] or send us a mail ( adesioni@vicolocorto.org ) with your name, date of birth and your level of english.

P.p.s. Don’t miss the possibility to improve your foreign language skills with Pesaro Language Exchange (PLE). Every Thursday evening you can meet nice people and test your knowledges. Check it out! Informagiovani Pesaro also organizes some language exchanges. For more informations click here!

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