The Future is yours

“Pesaro is reborn. Also thanks to people like you”

The EVS Reporter: Paulina, Khachatur, Miha, Milena

On Monday evening we left our cosy office to go out and meet you — young people living or studying in Pesaro. We wanted to talk to you a bit to know your opinions about Pesaro and future.

Walking through Rossini street we noticed a very nice girl, called Erica, so without any concerns we decided to ask her as a first:

Question: Hello Erica, we are asking people around Pesaro some questions about their future. What about you? Do you see yourself living here in Pesaro in your future?

Answer: I don’t know actually, it depends on where I am able to find a job. At the moment I am finishing my Bachelor in English and Chinese, that is why I can imagine moving to China after university but for sure not forever, just for a few months.

Q: What about other youngsters in Pesaro, are a lot of them going for an experience abroad?

A: Some people in Pesaro want to go abroad but some if they find a job want to stay here.

Q: And what do you think about the future of Pesaro in general?

A: To be honest that’s a good question. I don’t like how the major is working, his only interest is the enrichment of Pesaro and to do more to enlarge the Tourism here without considering the environment for example.

Carrying on our search we noticed Ilona and Ambra having a break in a cafeteria:

Question: Hello girls we prepare some questions for Pesarese, would you like to have a look?

Answer: Hello. Sure!

Q: Can you present yourself?

A: I am Ilona from Ukraine, I already live here already 7 years. I’m Amber from Italy.

Q: Nice to meet you. What do you do in Pesaro?

A: Nice to meet you guys. We live and study here. We study Mathematics and German.

Q: Do you see your future in Pesaro? Will you stay after your studies?

A: Actually we are planning to go abroad. It can be Germany or United Kingdom.

Q: Did you have any intercultural experience already?

A: Still not, but we would like to have an Erasmus student exchange during our study.

Q: What kind of thing you would like to change in Pesaro to make it more attractive?

A: We would like to have more places to go out in evenings, bars, pubs, clubs with a good music.

Q: Okay girls, it was nice to speak with you. On Friday 29 of January at 21:00 we have a goodbye party for two of our EVS volunteers Milena and Khacho. You are welcome to join to Circolo di Soria near to the church.

A: Thanks for invitation we will try to find time and join you.

Passing by the Biblioteca San Giovani we met Giacomo and Mirko . They seem very active guys, curious about the life, wiling to try many things:

Question: What do you wanna do in the future?

Answer: Hahah…I actually don’t know, I don’t think about the future so much. Because things usually start boring me after awhile and I change them so I live for today and I never know what tomorrow will bring. I wanted to be a photographer so I was working as photograph for 2 years. Then I had a dream to be a professional diver, I made a diving license and realised that I should keep “the fire burning” and do it just as a hobby. Now I found a non-planed job which I love…(for now)
And again the stairway was pretty long, let’s say I started my journey from dishes-cleaner then I passed the “waiter-floor”..and slowly to “pizzaiollo-floor” where I stopped for a bit…who knows what the next floor will bring 😉

Q: What do you think about Pesaro?

A: I like Pesaro a lot, it’s a beautiful city. It’s a magical place between hills and MARE!!! In Pesaro I can found everything that I want!! My only problem are Pesaresi. I think they are very pretty with a lot of style but too empty inside! They should start to think with they own head. And when people from Pesaro don’t like Pesaro, it makes me sad! But in the end… I’m really happy in Pesaro!! =) One of my wishes is to go abroad to taste the happiness of others and other wish is to always come back in Pesaro 🙂

In the end we asked Antonio:

Question: What do you study? Do you think you can find a job in Pesaro that fits to your education?

Answer: Hello Miha, I like you very much! Ups…ok, I study educational science. Yes I think for me there are a lot of opportunities.

And in this such a positive point we finished our interviews.

We wish all of you many splendid ideas and beautiful dreams. And strength to make them real.
Buona fortuna!

The EVS Team


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