Servizio Volontario Europeo (EVS)

The guy che si chiama “Gui”

Hi people! I’m Guillaume 24 years old if you’re Italian just say “Gui” no problem. I come from northern France (Lille) but I spend a big part of the year in Corsica. I study “Media, culture and communication” in Lille during the schoolyear and during holiday I’m in the Corsican’s canyons of Bavella.

I’m in Pesaro because i’m just finishing my degree and make an SVE meanwhile i’m searching for a master in communication in France or in Italy why not ! during my studies I was specialized in intercultural relationship so go out France will help me to apply the theory of my study. I was very happy when I learned I was going to Italy because for me it’s one of the beautiful country in the world (just after France 🙂 ) and also because in Corsica I was friend with many italian people very openminded, “molto gentile” with a good way of life. As I’m freshman in Pesaro, I just expect discover the town, the people made new friendship, “blablabla”, Enjoy.

So if you want know more about France, Canyoning, interculturals things between French/Italian i’m never far from “la piazza del popolo” and i’m always Ok for a coffey or why not a beer.

Cya 🙂


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